Dear Woman…

There are many issues close to my heart. Things that I’ll talk about with passion, even rage, simply because of the issue itself. One of these issues is that of equality, and the reason I’m likely to speak so passionately about it is that I’m aware of just how much the word has lost meaning recently. Women fight for equal rights and find themselves in a situation where some countries still don’t give them the same wage as men get for the same work. On the other hand many women who say they want equality still expect a man to stand so that they can sit down on public transport. That’s not equality.

True equality is having all of the powers and responsibilities as each other, all of the bad stuff as well as the good stuff that comes with equal rights. I’m a fighter for true equality among the sexes and it enrages me whenever I see someone giving a bias to either gender. Men are seen as destructive creatures while women are seen as naturally nurturing, yet I can tell you stories of men left with a child while the woman goes off with another guy and women who are more destructive than any man I’ve met. The situation as you can see is not black and white, one good side and one evil side. People of both genders are equally capable of the worst and best aspects that the opposite gender is usually associated with and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s how everyone should see it.

Too often though you’ll find people of either gender (this equally applies to other skin colours, races, age groups and pretty much anything that subjugates something different except for religions) saying that the other is perfect and espousing how awful their own is. Too often you’ll find people who claim to want equality trying to elevate one group above all others. I see this as a dangerous situation as these groups can be much more convincing under their banner of equal rights, and very tempting to the group they’re praising. It’s hatred under the guise of friendship, inequality under the guise of equal rights, and it does more damage to the cause of true equality than anything else.

That’s why the Conscious Men (the people who made the video above) are so dangerous, and thankfully I’m not the only one who has seen it. Women and men across the globe commented on the above video with such hatred and disgust at this shallow view of things (if you’ve yet to watch the video, keep a tally of how many things they exclusively blame men for that women have also committed or done to themselves, then watch again and see how many things they give women credit for that men are equally capable of) and the blatant anti-sexist view that the men in it are trying to put across. Comments have now been closed down on the video due to the sheer amount of piss and bile that these men raised with their “loving message” but thankfully they forgot to disable embedding, allowing me to show you the true face of the enemies of equality.


27 thoughts on “Dear Woman…

  1. Couldn't bring myself to sit through the whole thing :ko: Got one minute in before the self-righteous self-emasculated tone of the first two drove me off. Fast-forwarded the rest to see all the other poor saps.Not sure how they're dangerous except possibly to my blood pressure, unless there's some other nasty nuggets lurking further on in that video.

  2. I was at this party the other day, and we were a group of men gathered in a room where smoking was allowed, and we were discussing wacuum cleaners. First one woman came – to have a cig – and she was emidiately fascinated by the topic of discussion, and she stayed there. After a while three women were in the room. This worked out okay, until one of them expressed her amusement over the fact that five adult males (35 – 50 years old) would be discussing the technical details, fawlts and benefits, of different vacuum cleaners. She was actually taunting us. This is not the only example I have of the lack of balance, I experience. They say, that men are territorial and will conquer fields of power and influence if they can. This is true. And if women feel that men have conquered a field of territory that belongs to womanhood – like vacuum cleaning (!) – it is up to women to claim it back.It works like that. It really does. It's in our nature. As I grow older, I realize that denying this fact is contraproductive to say the least. In stead we must be aware, that this is how it goes, and we are all a part of it.

  3. Originally posted by theoddbod:

    Not sure how they're dangerous except possibly to my blood pressure, unless there's some other nasty nuggets lurking further on in that video.

    My view is that when people are changing the issue of equality into "We're bad, you're great, you should be on top of us." there is a danger of others following suit until that becomes the actual argument for equality. I'm all for proper equality but not replacing the current system with another form of unequality. When people with a warped message start to broadcast that as a movement using all the tools at their disposal and gather people from around the world under the banner of that message then there tends to be problems later on.

    Of course these guys are mostly saying this stuff and not believing a word of it (one does couples sexual therapy while the other runs a "Deeper Love" compound) as a way to get hold of women that are open to their own little predilections while espousing the message of "We worship you." while thinking "…when you suck on this."
    Originally posted by Aqualion:

    This worked out okay, until one of them expressed her amusement over the fact that five adult males (35 – 50 years old) would be discussing the technical details, faults and benefits, of different vacuum cleaners. She was actually taunting us.

    That's disgusting. I wonder how that same woman would have reacted had you been talking about how vacuuming is women's work or how a woman's place is in the home? I'm sure she'd have been outraged and yet she basically made the same argument herself by taunting you. It reminds me of a situation a while ago where two women got on the bus talking loudly about inequality and the wage situation in Europe where women get paid a quarter of the wage men get for the same job. They were both outraged by it, but not as much as I was about to be.

    You see, these two women who demanded equality from men stopped right in front of me on this packed bus and glared at me. They weren't doing it because I had anything to do with the wages paid in Europe, they were doing it because I was a man and had a seat while they were women and had to stand. They expected me to stand up and offer them my seat. The thing is, I would have automatically done that had I not just gotten off a thirty-six hour shift but was too tired to stand by that point. I wasn't too tired to hear their statements about how rude men these days are and how there are no gentlemen left though. Good to know equality is viewed the same all around the world.

  4. This is just stupid. Who are they to apologise in the name of all men in the world? Especially about the topic that is so sensitive – women`s rights and equality among genders :doh: I am not sexist at all but equality means shared responsibility and mutual respect.As you said, they don`t seem to believe in a single word they`ve said :left:Those two men at the beginning and the end of a video look like TV preachers with their suggestive voices; also, I think I saw young Padawan at 7:45 :left: 😆

  5. Originally posted by theoddbod:

    Particularly when the two front guys give off such an air of smug preachy insincerity.

    Maybe it's vagina envy? :whistle:.*knows he's possibly gonna get a scolding for that 'insensitive' remark*

  6. I think stuff likes this tends to generate more of a backlash against it than support. Particularly when the two front guys give off such an air of smug preachy insincerity.

  7. Could well be, though not in the same lines as penis envy. These guys are envying the vaginas that others manage to get and are putting their message across to try and tempt those vaginas closer to them with what they see as a tempting snack of bullshite.

  8. Equality has nothing to do with holding doors or standing up for someone in the bus. That has to do with manners. I hardly ever go by bus, but when I do, I do stand up for elders, for pregnant women, for little kids, and for others that are much better off sitting down. Gender doesn't matter in that respect, IMO.When it comes to equality I would rather see some action instead of all the probably well meaning words. I'd like to see equal wages. Equal rights. And no discrimination based on gender. And that does of course go both ways.

  9. Are they a cult?Gender is a huge waste of time and energy. And also a driving force, and a necessary agent of chaos. But mostly, I think we'd better off with-out it.

  10. Originally posted by Zaphira:

    And that does of course go both ways.

    And that's one of the reasons I respect you kitten. You're one of the increasingly few who doesn't think equality means toms being lesser than kittys. :yes:*pulls out a pair of scissors to help Gavin's idea come true*Any volunteers? 😀

  11. I was thinking more in terms of a hermaphrodite bomb, but excessive use of chlorine in society is doing my work for me. :up:

  12. Perhaps it's wrong of me to say I didn't watch the enitre video because quite frankly those guys are scaring me.I do agree wholeheartedly with Kitty. I've given up my seat to both elderly men and women (although sometimes the women get insulted saying they're really not that old) as well as pregnant women and guys with crotches. That's about manners and has nothing to do with equality.

  13. I'm offended now. I am actually supposed to walk with a stick, because of my knee injury. I just don't,primarily because I can't be bothered, and as long as this television series with that psychotic hospital surgeon with a limb and a stick is running, I obviously can't walk around with a stick without getting stupid remarks. I do have a set of crutches somewhere, mainly because I 'forgot' to give them back to the hospital where I 'borrowed' them, but that's another story. I don't need people to stand up for me in the bus, because I'd rather stand. It takes me half an hour to get op from a bus seat, so I'd rather stand, thank you.;)

  14. Originally posted by qlue:

    I suspect Rose means, 'crutches'.

    Originally posted by garlingmatthews:

    I suspect that we all figured that out for ourselves, Master of the Obvious.

    I didn't. :oOriginally posted by Aqualion:

    It takes me half an hour to get up from a bus seat, so I'd rather stand, thank you.

    Ditto, but I'm just old.

  15. It's getting there. 😀 There'll be more changes over the coming weeks if I can keep my web access for more than a few minutes here and there. If all goes well no-one should notice them. 😉

  16. Ahahahahahaha! 😆 😆 :lol:Talk about a Freudian slip!Of course I wouldn't stand for a guy with crotches… Originally posted by Aqualion:

    I'd rather stand

    I still think it's common decency to give up your seat for somebody who looks like could need it. If they choose not to, that's totally fine with me. :up:

  17. Originally posted by rose-marie:

    I still think it's common decency to give up your seat for somebody who looks like could need it. If they choose not to, that's totally fine with me

    Of course it is. It's just me being pragmatic. Honestly, you don't see many people with impaired mobility on busses, because most busses are not really designed to accomodate their needs. Handling a set of crutches is a nightmare even on terra firma, but in a wobbling bus? Forget it. Best choice would be one of these:(The umbrella is extra equipment.)

  18. :wizard: Aqualions new's username is GHouse. :p I don't see any reason for an able bodied person to give up their seat to someone who appears to need it. Ladies of any age are welcome to mine, I won't say anything; if I'm seated (a rare occasion) I'll just stand up and back away. @ Martin: here in Suffolk County,N.Y. busses are handicapped accessible – to the point of they can accomodate a wheelchair. Aisles are wide enough to swing the crutches.

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