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  1. " I have a memory from when I was a kid (we’re talking way back here, when dinosaurs ruled the earth and a certain clown-fronted fast food joint actually cooked the food before serving it to you).."Ah, you youngsters, you are so funny :psmurf:

  2. No, but so funny you mentioned Hope. Few months ago when I was in Canada, my wife and me drove through a place called Hope. It was a place where they filmed Rambo – First Blood.Not that it has to do anything with your post :cheers:

  3. A five word post, six with the title, and he didn't read it long enough to know it's not about martial arts. :awww:

  4. Hmm … this guy writes intelligently, seems to know what he's on about, is familiar with his subject, is entertaining and informative … they should hire him as a staff writer! :up:

  5. MarkuR writes:Thanks again for submitting the article to GamingLives, Mik. Was a pleasure to have it alongside the others and I'll get around to properly commenting on it myself once the workload subsides enough for me to do so.Hope you consider submitting again in the future as we'd certainly enjoy having more from you, and I'd still like to publish the Building A Better Sandbox article at some point too if you approve.Thanks again,MarkPS – the key to a good edit is that the author shouldn't notice!

  6. Yeah, the sandbox article was a labour of love. I'd love to see it published. :up:Bah, now I'm gonna have to go through and check it word for word.I'll certainly be submitting articles in the future, if only to save this lot of mostly non-gamers from my constant chat about gaming and how it needs to be improved. They start clawing at the walls when I go off on one.

  7. MarkuzR writes:I claw at the walls when gamers speak of nothing but games. When we have get-togethers with writers, there's always one that assumes we're going to either play games the entire time or TALK ABOUT playing games the entire time. We don't. Thankfully. Imagine if musicians spoke of nothing but music? I was in bands like that before and it bored me to tears. Well I hope we also do your Sandbox article justice. Apologies for the lack of formatting in your comments here – it ignored it before so I'm not going to even attempt it this time around πŸ™‚ Time to get tonight's article ready!

  8. Go for it, Mik. You seem to be well off already. Nice meeting your boss. He's an okay guy, it seems.:yes:

  9. Anon comments have stricter rules applied to them than those of members of the OC. :angel: (See, I have been paying attention!) I can only assume that the Dual Naming Service is just one step closer to our community becoming a FacePlace type of site. πŸ™„

  10. Ah, looks like they've had a few people changing their names and causing trouble, like I said would happen when they first changed from usernames to actual names. Now they've put it so that we can see the username next to the display name.

  11. Nice :up: Now I must rate the post…with my D12 :whistle:*rolls die*Darn it, did anyone see where it went? :irked:Glad to see the weird double-name thingummy, I think. Not seen what prompted them to do it, maybe someone pimped out Espen.

  12. Not that you'll admit to, anyway. :p@ Mart: doesn't matter what you'll call yourself, you'll always be "Theo" :left: πŸ˜†

  13. I've been considering for a while to change my name. I've heard that by changing your name, you can increase your chances of success. Somthing about letters and numbers and something about finding your own number. Feng Shui stuff, I think. Have any of you guys tried that?

  14. Originally posted by Aqualion:

    Have any of you guys tried that?

    Nope, I was born with the name of an '80s motorcycle riding TV hero. πŸ™„

  15. Awesome :yes::ssst: but I hope that the "there will be no living with me now" part isn't why Kimmie is offline! :eyes:

  16. Originally posted by Furie:

    Kim is gone now. πŸ™‚

    You… you… MONSTER! :cry:Hehe… of course she is. She's managed to escape to Scandinavia… :happy:

  17. I must admit, I am not really sure about how large an area Catfinia covers. In fact I am not really sure if it exists on a commonly recievable vibrational level at all. If it covers what we used to percieve as the Danish Islands, I am contemplating whether I should apply for citizenship, because I have reason to believe that the magistrate of Catfinia comes down hard on irregulars. I don't know. In this time of globalisation and spiritual enblightenment none of us really know where we are. Not even geopositional apps on the telephone can help us. The GPS on my phone tells me, I live in the local shopping center, more precisely where the candy shop is situated. There you have it.

  18. Originally posted by Aqualion:

    I live in the local shopping center, more precisely where the candy shop is situated.

    I know some people who would kill to live in candy shop πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

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