No Smoking

Friday, May 27th – 15:00

Just returned from the dentist after getting a tooth removed. It turns out the bad tooth is a different one than expected and has been affecting all those around it, decaying them. The two teeth I’ve had extracted in the past 12 months are due to that one. I was offered the choice to have it removed there and then but declined. It may sound insane but this is a new dentist and I’m majorly phobic. My reasoning was that I’d had such a good experience with my first treatment at this dentist that it would help me control my phobia in other visits and I didn’t want to risk that tooth setting me back from the progress I’d made that day. I’ll go back in a couple of weeks and get it taken care of.

For the moment I’ve decided that my teeth and wallet are likely to experience less problems if I quit smoking so I had what I hope to be my last cigarette shortly before going into the dentists. This shall be my journal of my attempt to quit. I won’t be editing it afterwards to look better, simply getting my thought and body processes down for others to compare to. Hopefully I’ll be able to quit or I’ll feel a right numpty posting this. Either way it’ll act as a nice distraction to cravings.


Kim just went for a cigarette in the kitchen to help support my attempt to quit. When she said what she’s doing I half expected to want to join her and was surprised that I didn’t. My willpower is obviously stronger than my self image at the moment. Seeing the rotten remains of your teeth will do that to you. The real tests will likely come later on.


Mmm, trifle. I have to avoid hot food today due to the extraction so we prepared a few nice things in advance. Clever eh? The thing about trifle is that it invariably tastes better than it looks. I’m off to watch some DVDs now. Back later.


The feeling in my face is coming back. I’ve been worried about that. No pain or discomfort so far. Just had a conversation with Kim about mind-altering drugs that decrease sex drives. We’ve decided to manufacture some as a hand cream and market it at teenaged boys as an experiment. Oh yeah, we’re bad.


I want to smoke. I’ve been very aware of my hands without smoking and haven’t a clue what to do with them. To save my eyesight I decided to cut them off. Still figuring out how I’ll manage to get them both off. It doesn’t help that everyone on the program I’m watching is smoking and enjoying it. Bastards.


Would I suit a pipe? I’m starting to think so. Maybe I should buy myself a bubble blowing pipe and really piss myself off?

Saturday, May 28th – 00:54

The cravings come and go. No, cravings is the wrong word – it’s mostly me wanting to do something with my hands. I’ve twiddled my thumbs, made a small mountain of sandwiches, and spent time typing this. It doesn’t help that the one thing I keep going to do to keep my hands busy is to roll some cigarettes. It’s my natural go to. I keep finding myself reasoning that one smoke before bed will help me through, but I know that’s bullshit my vice is making up to hold on for that bit longer. I’m going to try for an early night now and timeskip some extra hours on my achievement.


Didn’t sleep long or well at all. I’ve woken up three times since I went to bed and been alternately too hot and too cold. Just had breakfast and it felt really weird not to have a morning smoke with it. I’d kill for a smoke right about now but I’m not going to let myself have one.


I went back to bed about half past five and I’m just up again. Feel a lot better now and even had a coffee without thinking about smoking. Then I realised I hadn’t and got a bit weirded out by that. Coffee and cigarettes usually go so well together. The dentist seems to have done an amazing job on my extraction, as I still haven’t felt any pain from that area yet.


Cooking a nice pie and chips dinner. A gravy dinner is usually finished off with a smoke so that’ll be a challenge.


I’ve officially been 24 hours without a cigarette. It’s been a bit harder than I remember it being when I quit years ago but the knowledge that I’ve come this far is what I need to see me through further. I’m not actually quitting for a specific reason like health or money, but because I’m sick of all the hassle involved with smoking these days. The gross out tactics they use to make you quit are horrible and it’s such a hassle to find packs that don’t contain neck tumours and the like. You have to wonder why alcohol or fast food doesn’t have these sorts of “health warnings” on them as they’re both a damn sight more dangerous than smoking and just as addictive.

It’s such a hassle trying to either find packs without those gross out pictures or cut them off before using them. On top of that the images themselves upset me to the point that I’d be smoking more often, diminishing their supposed effect. So I’m actually quitting because I don’t like the companies playing silly buggers with my mind like that. I’m a mature individual and able to make the choice to smoke or not without the help of those who would turn such opportunities into their own profit. Right now I choose not to, and not to allow anyone to profit from my quitting either… Except maybe KFC later in the week…


Things have been a lot easier since I passed the 24 hour mark. A couple more hours and I’ll be halfway through the first three days. They say that’s as hard as it gets when you quit, but I remember it differently. Of course, it’s been years since I quit last time so things will probably be different this time anyway.

Sunday, May 29th – 10:30

I was up until 3:00 this morning, just lying there unable to sleep. When I finally dropped off it wasn’t for long and I found myself awake at 4:30. My first thought is to have a smoke but I remember myself and put it out of my head. It all seems to be this way, not so much cravings as habit I’m having to deal with. I get a bottle of water and head back to bed, eventually dropping off again despite the noisy buggers coming home and shouting at the top of their lungs on the way.

Been awake about twenty minutes now and finally gotten out of bed. I’m having a scalding black coffee and some croissants for breakfast. Yum.


I find myself wondering if Kim actually believes I’m managing to quit, or if she thinks I’m sneaking smokes when she’s not awake or something. Too many television programs have run that storyline so I can’t help but think my own actions are being called into question. Paranoid. me?


Two whole days. I’m two thirds of the way to the big three day mark that seems to be magical for most people. By the end of the third day this should be pretty much out of my system and my body should get even better. Oh yeah, I’m hot. 😉


Nothing really going on today. I did announce I’m going for a smoke when I was after a coffee, but that’s a slip of the tongue more than anything else. Haven’t really wanted to smoke all day. I have had a couple of flashes where I’ve been doing things I usually smoke with and I’ve reached for a cigarette. I wouldn’t even have noticed if I’d been able to smoke, and would likely have smoked without noticing for a while. Thankfully we cleaned the living room of all the tobacco first so the habit didn’t take hold and I noticed what I was doing when I couldn’t find it.

Sunday, May 30th – 7:00

I went to bed at three and I’ve already been up for a while. If there’s one thing being affected by this bid to quit then it’s the amount I sleep. It could just be bad timing or anything else affecting my sleep but I find myself waking after barely an hour of sleep and then lying there unable to get back to sleep. Whether it’s a result of quitting or simply another hardship, it’s starting to annoy me now.


Had my breakfast hours ago and I’m starting to get hungry again now. I spent the morning checking out my Daily Briefing, a newspaper I put together. It’s basically a collection of news feeds arranged in a particular manner as a broadsheet, with each feed taking a certain amount of space on the main page and stories being replaced as they update. I even set up a page of cartoons with it.

It’s a bit impractical at the moment and very prone to breaking but I’m enjoying messing around with it. That’s been my project while I’ve been quitting, helping me to take my mind off things when I’m not writing this little journal post or eating passing fairytale characters who are lost in my woods.


And that makes three days. The nicotine should be out of my system now so there’s just the habit to kick now. Shouldn’t be too hard now that the chemical dependency has been dealt with. Pat on the back for me, followed by a swift realisation of just how much money I’m going to be saving now (Oh yes!!!), and then on to helping Kim with her wish to quit (we decided that both doing it together wouldn’t be the best of ideas).


28 thoughts on “No Smoking

  1. Impressive… Keep it up… I am down on 8 – 10 cigs a day now. It all started when we moved to this new apartment and I decided not to smoke in it. When I am home I only smoke half a cigarette every hour – on the balcony. And when it is cold, I only smoke every second hour. That is a decrease of almost 70 percent since april 2009. Eventually I'll quit too.Good luck! Godspeed! Whatever…

  2. Well, you are doing it the hardest way. Drug addicts are calling it "cold turkey" or something like that. This is what a real man would do :up: You know, you can`t give up now 😉

  3. And today (tomorrow for you guys as I write, you're 12 hours behind me) is International No Smoking day!! :D\edit : that 'would I smoke a pipe' link b t w crashed my laptop. :eyes: Twice!

  4. Originally posted by FlaRin:

    that 'would I smoke a pipe' link b t w crashed my laptop.

    It's just an MP3, but Opera has a problem letting people have them from each other's files.

  5. First off, good work!Second, you sound like you're waiting for something. Like some sort of revelation; a moment to say, "Done it! No more cravings!" That's what's causing your sleeping difficulties: lying there waiting to see if you'll have a craving or not.Truth is, you stopped smoking when you had your last cigarette. Now you don't smoke. Stop waiting for and dreading a craving that'll break you. Just get on with your life as normal.(Easy for me to say, I know, particularly having stopped for 2 years then recently gone back to it a couple of months ago.)

  6. Well done, Mik! :kudos: The thing about sleeping – lots of people who quit experience that withdrawal symptom. It'll pass when you hit the next 'big mark' – which is the three *weeks* mark. :up:

  7. When I gave up I was apparently a complete git for about 3 or 4 weeks. Total nonsense, impossible, I agree with you – but there you go 🙂

  8. AND FUCK ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE!!! :mad:I find that going through my large collection of e-books and reformatting them so that each chapter is it's own page, chapter headers are separate and any special text effects (the interviewer in World War Z being in italics for example) are applied, helps me out. The job is mind numbing enough that I can lose myself in the monotony, and needs enough attention that I'm not sitting there thinking about anything else. It helps that I'm a perfectionist.I swear they should really start giving away an e-book download of any novel you've bought the main version of. I have to get pirated copies now and the spelling is bad, as are the inclusion of random numbers just dotted throughout the text (they mark where the typist begins their section as teams work on the book and should be removed). It's ridiculous that I have to get an illegal copy of something I've already paid for just to read it on my phone but I refuse to pay again.World War Z came as one long chapter with no formatting and I've split it by taking each interview as a chapter, turning the place names into chapters – 58 in all. I've italicised the interviewer, made certain names and writing bold and removed the original versions problem of putting the name of the book after every three or four "chapters".One down – 402 to go…

  9. Originally posted by Cois:

    this post made me WANT to smoke!

    It actually made me wonder whether that small out-of-the-place tobacco shop downtown that I came upon by an accident last year still have those really cheap fags I smoked for some months. They were actually a full 30 percent cheaper than the fashionable brands.It's raining today, though, so I might wait to find out til tomorrow.

  10. @EverybodyAre we losing Mik? As we know him, I mean. Is he turning into something strange and utterly different as we watch? And what can we do about this?

  11. Kitty, you'll be seeing me as a cat sooner than you think…David, as a non-smoker I feel it is my duty to hunt you (a smoker) down and cough at you meaningfully. :p

  12. Grats on your ongoing achievment! :up:Originally posted by Furie:

    as a non-smoker I feel it is my duty to hunt you (a smoker) down and cough at you meaningfully.

    The worst kind of ex-smokers… :pBtw – I had no problem listening to the file.

  13. I so hate that Besserwisser cough you get from non-smokers all the time, however meaningful. I feel like smashing their faces in every time. I'm not doing it because it would leave a trail of dead bodies in my wake, and I am not that kind of smoker. I am purely suicidal.

  14. The lectures about second hand smoke are what get to me. There a woman is, stinking of cider, with her vagina on display to the world in Tesco's, and a guy next to her wearing a t-shirt that says "She can't talk back with her mouth full". And she's complaining at me for smoking in the general direction that she staggered with her faeces-covered child because second-hand smoke is dangerous…This is probably not something I should admit to, but I've said this in reply before;"Yeah, it is. Fortunately anyone stupid enough to get closer to the smoke to complain about it isn't the sort we want to live in this world anyway. As I'm way more dangerous to non-smokers who whinge at me than any smoke I give out, the two things tend to mix quite well. Now, you were saying…?"

  15. Breaking wind after a week of burgers and pizza is *way* more dangerous than a breath of 2nd hand smoke :)I have to say that I feel *so* much better now, that I did when I smoked (although I gave up so long ago I can barely remember what pleasure I got from cigarettes). I did try smoking again twice – once a cigarette when I was nervous in 1993, and I couldn't inhale it at all – and once more recently (couple of years ago) when I wanted a moment of 'togetherness' with my deceased Dad (my mum kept a couple packs of his favourite cheroots) – I had one, it was fucking awful and my mouth tasted of tar for a week. Uggghhh. The effect was not at all what I'd hoped for. So I personally could never start again, even if I wanted to 🙂

  16. I was at a party today and of course all smokers were forced (in a friendly gently politically correct completely nice and non-hostile manner) to go outside and smoke. So, we did that. Out there one of us started talking about quitting. Smokers talk about quitting all the time. It's true. Most non-smokers believe we are all living in a constant state of denial. Well, we are not. We are perfectly aware that what we do might eventually lead us to an early grave and a painful death. And some of us do care about this. Well, this conversation made me think about stuff, and I have decided that next time somebody asks me (in a friendly gently politically correct completely nice and non-hostile manner)if I have considered quitting, this is what I'll say: Well, I quit college and then I quit university and then I quit college again. After that I quit my job and then another job while I quit drinking. Then my first wife quit me, and I quit being sober and had to quit my job… And that was only the first year after school. I've been quitting pretty much all the time ever since…So, I am pretty good at quitting stuff. Quitting smoking would be no big deal. In fact to quit smoking is not a challenge at all. I've quit far worse things than smoking. I even quit commiting suicide twice… I'm a quitter if anybody is.Perhaps it is time to quit quitting. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Starting with cigarettes…:D

  17. The thing about me is that I wont be told to quit anything until I'm ready. I enjoy smoking and nothing about it really makes me want to quit. What I object to is becoming a political figure, used to represent all that is bad about humanity (I already play video games, read comics and listen to rock music so I don't need it again) by a media who has decided that cigarettes not only killed our fathers but raped our mothers too.I don't like people putting health warnings on packets that consist of disgusting images that don't get put on any of the more dangerous and equally addictive things like booze and fast food, for example. I don't like people trying to force me to quit in that way as the images pretty much just stress me out and make me smoke more. On top of that I don't like the idea of these companies giving nicotine replacement patches and sprays that contain ten cigarettes worth of nicotine each and are likely to get people just as chemically dependent on their own products, if not more so, than cigarettes. Two sets of people each trying to force me to quit while really just out to make money for themselves, with the government in between and taxing both as heavily as it can to get some of the action.That's what made me quit in the end. I still enjoy smoking but I just can't allow these people to take advantage of me and wont allow any of them to take my money anymore. And that's the other thing about me; when I do want to do something, it will be done and people will look on in awe as I make it look easy. 😉

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