My City

The walk is based on this Freedom Of Information Act request that came to light last month. As the news spread, social networks were used to organise this particular protest. This event, being in the city where I currently live, is not going to end well…


22 thoughts on “My City

  1. I live about half a kilometer from the local football stadium. Sunday afternoons, just after four, the streets down the block look exactly like on this video. Especially if FC Copenhagen has been visiting. True, actually. And our city has emergency plans for that.

  2. Yeah. I used to be a footballer, a goalie, but my interest died in the early nineties, so I am not updated at all. FCK was formed in '92, and this started what I had already foreseen back in the eighties: a massive destruction of everything football used to be. Now it's business. When I hear the roars from the liga stadium just down the street, I feel sad. And when I see the dirty, dead drunk and bloodstained hooligans roam the streets, leaving a track of empty beer cans and filth I shake my head. I think it is sad.

  3. PS3 gaming will apply you with skills that will come in handy when Z-day arrives. Only problem would be how to carry 500 kilos of weapons and ammunition in reality.

  4. I'd build an android Igor. Just to make sure he couldn't be infected. Now there's an idea for a film: Zombies versus Robots. Or has that already been taken? Obvious to deploy a robot army on a bunch of zombies.

  5. It's interesting to me that people think of zombies as some kind of infection when the term originally referred to a dead body that was re-animated using Voodoo magic and used as a slave. :sherlock:.A body that re-animates spontaneously is a ghoul. :left:.

  6. A ghoul originally referred to those who would dig up the dead for their own purposes. Each has evolved over time.

  7. So, thanks to evolution we may one day be replaced by Zombies as the dominant intelligence on Earth. :sherlock:.Interesting.

  8. The word is evolving to include those who act like zombies, following singular needs with no regard to the damage they cause others in the pursuit of their need, so yes, those people may well become dominant on this planet. They already have in most places.

  9. I just read in the local newspaper, that the city has decided to buy seven robots to cut weed along roads and streets. They look like normal garden tractors, only they are not manned. Thing is they are programmed to spray this acid-grease compound on the weed only and not all over the place, like the manned tractors do. I was thinking, what if somebody would hack into their system and reprogramme them to go for let's say corrupt politicians… Acid-grease the fuckers!

  10. Originally posted by Aqualion:

    I was thinking, what if somebody would hack into their system and reprogramme them to go for let's say corrupt politicians… Acid-grease the fuckers!

    Skynet's already on it! :up:.

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