Mole On The Penis

A man goes to visit his doctor and explains he has a mole on his penis. He tells the doctor how much it is distressing him and asks the doctor to remove it.

The doctor, being a sensible sort, asks the man if he’s sure he wants it removed and makes between the two of them they figure out that he wants the mole removed and not his penis. This near disaster averted, the man pulls down his trousers so that the doctor can examine the mole.

“I’ve got some good news and some bad news, I’m afraid.” says the doctor after examining the man. “The good news is that I can easily remove the mole without damage to your penis. The bad news is that I have to report you for cruelty to animals.”


Happy Tell An Old Joke Day


15 thoughts on “Mole On The Penis

  1. At this point you follow up with a joke about a washboard and how those new-fangled washing machines will never catch on :p

  2. A man was rushed to hospital when a bizarre sex game went wrong leaving him with six toy horses stuck up his ass.Doctors described his condition as stable.

  3. Tbeaz writes:Hello there! ^^ I've been an avid member of the Lionhead Forumns for a few years and noticed you around. I eventually found this lovely blog through your comment and have been quite enjoying it. As you are a great writer and I find your insights very interesting I was wondering if there were other outles you write for?

  4. Welcome. I'm around plenty of places, as a member or guest writer. None as regularly as those two though, and everything I post elsewhere (barring Lionhead) ends up here anyway, usually with a link to the other published version.

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