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25 thoughts on “Come Along Pond

  1. Originally posted by gdare:

    I don`t get it

    I think it's the language barrier! :awww:."ginger" is a plant used for it's spicy root. "ginger" is also another term for "red head". Amy Pond is a character in the BBC hit series, Doctor Who. The Daleks are alien creature who are the arch-enemy of 'The Doctor'. Amy Pond is a "ginger".Any questions?

  2. You had sex with Karen Gillan in your fridge?! :eyes:(More language barrier shenanigans. 😉 In Australia, 'root' can mean 'sex'). 😉

  3. 😆 *snort* "Root" can also mean penis. :left: "Red" Skelton once had a root beer company as a sponsor. (this was back when tv was done live) For the sake of argument, the company's name shall be 'Hires'. During one such live 'spot', Red announced to the world that, "you should drink "Hires" Root Beer, because it's good for your root." :eyes: 😆

  4. Talk about effective sex education! :rolleyes:.:sst:. And some people wonder why America's bankrupt. :whistle::p.Speaking of ginger, the "Let's Kill Hitler" episode was amazing! :eyes:.I wish I could say the same about Torchwood, but that series has lost most of it's charm since the Americans have butchered it. :up:.

  5. Welcome to Torchwood! Personally I prefer the way that series is playing out in terms of maturity and the realism of human reactions. It's still a far cry from the wonder of Children of Earth, but a damn sight better than the first two series.As for Let's Kill Hitler, stay tuned for a geekgasm (they're like nerdgasms but a hell of a lot smarter and sexier) about that episode and it's main reveal. No, not that reveal, the main one.

  6. Children Of Earth was a brilliant stand-alone classic! :hat:.My biggest two biggest complaints about the current series of Torchwood is that they've turned Jack Harkeness from a trully amazing, multi-dimentional character, into a one sided, shallow gay man. :rolleyes:.And they have way too much fluff and filler in each episode. They should have rather made each episode twenty minutes long (thirty minutes with ads) than have such drawn out episodes with five minutes of story at the beginning and end of each episode. :irked:.

  7. Jack was always pretty much that one-dimensional character. The few other facets of the character are pretty hidden, not acted by the actor as much as they are found out in ancillary details. All you really need to know is that he's selfish above all else, but trying to be a good man after encountering the Doctor and being shown a better way.The thing that pissed me off about the changes is that he always went on about the 21st century being when everything changes in the older series and we never once found out what was supposed to change. That's the only thing I wanted to know. Well, that and what species of alien caused the rift in Gwen's teeth… :devil:As for the fluff and filler, it's Davies way. I grew up watching his shows and his trademark has always been to show how events affect everyone surrounding them, not just those directly involved. It's something I've learned to appreciate as you get storytelling you can't elsewhere. The fascinating and terrifying idea of a mentally-ill woman volunteering herself and her kids as legally dead as the end of death has convinced her they're soulless now, for example.

  8. Originally posted by Furie:

    The fascinating and terrifying idea of a mentally-ill woman volunteering herself and her kids as legally dead as the end of death has convinced her they're soulless now, for example.

    That's not what I was referring to when I mentioned "fluff and filler" :rolleyes:. I'm talking about the long boring scenes when nothing is happening! :awww:.

  9. P.S: Someone just reminded me that it's Saturday and I've forgotten to fetch the next episodes of Torchwood and Doctor Who! :doh:.I do that tonight when I get home. :up:.

  10. OK, everything I said does not apply to episode 9 of Torchwood! :eyes:.This has been the best episode of the series so far! :insane:.

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