Why Was I Banned?

As with any online community, the Xbox Live service has its share of idiots and scammers who get themselves banned. In this case there just happens to be a forum for them to get answers in, and the website “Why Was I Banned?” capitalises on that by taking screenshots of the more amusing and obtuse ban reasons and posting them for others amusement.

I love it as some of these people really are clueless about what they’ve done wrong and thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you guys as a taster.

Freeing Charlie boy can’t possibly be the reason eh?

Has he even read the code of conduct? Perhaps his mother and sister (one person) can teach him to read at some point…

There are no words.

I wonder if he’s the father/brother of White Power up there?

A popular Welsh dance perhaps…

Yeah, that makes more sense.


25 thoughts on “Why Was I Banned?

  1. The problem is that he's now too slippery to be able to crawl to his keyboard and hit the Ban button placed next to your profile page :p

  2. Very good. Some of these people are totally sick, but the fact they think they're totally innocent is somehow hilarious. Plus, the last one is really funny :left:

  3. They were only banned because the Nuclear Non Proliferation treaty does not allow Microsoft to deploy nuclear warheads against those menaces who are a threat to the future of humanity! :insane::faint:.

  4. I'm surprised that some of the kids' mums are actually complaining about their sons' bannings. I hope the replies make them stop that! πŸ˜€

  5. Mart, he likes to change my theme instead. :awww:Kim, that's one of my favourites. No clue why either. :DKaren, they're just the ones that got caught. You should see the ones who don;t know what they're doing is wrong and haven;t been caught yet. :rolleyes:Darko, from life. ;)David, BOO!!!!! Scared yet? ;)Aadil, do you really think Microsoft worries about the law when it comes to nukes? This is the company that released IE6 after all… :pSteve, having reported my fair share I can say that everyone on this post is represented on this community easily, plus we have the Pokemon kid wars… :irked:Kitty, you know how much I love Little Johnny's parents finding out how much of a little shit he really is. πŸ˜‰

  6. What I was saying was that the few "Why was I banned?" posts we see here are mild in comparison – not that we don't have our share of people who won't read the TOS.I mean, I've yet to see anything remotely similar to the "chicken and donkey meat" explanation … :left:

  7. There are terms and conditions here? :eek:You're probably spot on there, Rosie. We started watching reality television because there was literally nothing else on and have started watching shows where naughty kids have a lesson hammered into them. We've yet to find a show where the hammerers are a group of angry Roman soldier with mallets and nails, but we remain hopeful.Anyway, one of the shows we watch has a group of kids left to fend for themselves in a house. The one who does worst in the show is supposed to be removed and the one that does best overall is supposed to go through and win a prize at the end. The parents are the ones who argue it out between themselves. Now these parents know their kids are bad and put them forward for this show, yet the first four episodes they only voted people off tactically – one who might not get along with others, the guy who had done best in all of the tasks so far, the girl who'd done second best and kept the house clean. The excuses they made for their kids behaviour and the pride when they did anything that a three year old can do (these are all eighteen and older yet living at home) was disgusting and really showed where the kids learned such things.I raised myself pretty much, had to work and find a place to live at an early age and did it well enough that social services never once caught wind of my situation. To see kids like that who can't do anything, and to know that their parents are the reason they can't do anything, really makes me mad.

  8. πŸ™„ while you're at it find out why the heck i was banned from the airbrush forum 😑 i never asked how much they charge for blow jobs.. :left:.Actually i'm really banned till forever.. 😦

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