Bully – The Sean Duffy Story

Meet twenty-five year old Sean Duffy.

You’ll be hearing a lot about his hobby in a moment, but for now just take in that face. Sean is the son of a famous internet prankster who makes fake Twitter accounts where he poses as celebrities and says outlandish things. Sean seems to have inherited this from his father but is using it in the worst possible way.

Put simply – this bastard is fucking evil. He preys on the families of the recently deceased, causing them untold pain for his own sick amusement. He abuses the deceased and their families, sets up fake tribute sites and sends sick and taunting messages to distraught family members. Worse than that is that he effectively got away with it, as you’ll see later on.

This is Natasha McBride.

On Valentine’s Day this year the fifteen year old threw herself under a train and died. She had been relentlessly bullied for years over the internet and finally could take no more. Natasha’s seventeen year old brother James started a Facebook page as a memorial where her friends and family could grieve and support each other. This page was found by Duffy who decided that the entire family should learn something of Natasha’s pain by going through cyber-bullying themselves. He set up an account using Natasha’s name and photo and then posted “I fell asleep on the tracks lol” using it. He went on to accuse Natasha of being a “spoiled little slut” and posted an image of her face with the caption “Natasha wasn’t bullied. She was just a whore.”

A few days later he doctored a video of a train so that Natasha’s face was on the front, added the theme tune to Thomas the Tank Engine and posted that to Youtube, linking it on the tribute page. Shockingly this wasn’t the first such attack on the family of deceased teenagers.

Here we have Lauren Drew.

The fourteen year old cheerleader died from an epileptic fit in January and Duffy, reading about it in the news, set up his very own tribute site to her. He posted images of people having epileptic fits and, after being told the site was in bad taste, posted an image of a rotting body covered in maggots with the caption “Apparently I taste pretty good”. On Mothers Day a video of a coffin appeared on the tribute site with the caption “Happy Mother’s Day” and the video ended with the words “I don’t know why you’re all crying down there, it’s soaking here in hell.” In this case Duffy also set up an account impersonating the deceased and messaged the girl’s poor mother with “Help me mummy, it’s hot in Hell” and “I can’t get out of my coffin. I’ve scratched my nails to the bone.”

In a tragic twist to this story of bullying, one of Lauren’s friends was accused of the attacks due to a common spelling mistake she and Duffy shared. The girl was the victim of retaliation for the attacks and eventually took an overdose in an attempt to take her own life. The girl survived thankfully, and has lived to see Duffy convicted of this crime.

One of Duffy’s many other victims was Hayley Bates, a sixteen year old girl from my part of the country.

Last September Hayley was travelling in a car which was hit by a truck. Both she and the driver died. Duffy set up another fake tribute website. In this one a photo of Hayley with crosses through her eyes accompanied the captions “Used car for sale” and “one useless owner” while his photograph of a maggot infested corpse made its first appearance. A later image showed the portion of the road where the crash happened with the caption “Waste of a good car.”

Hayley’s nineteen year old sister Heather confronted Duffy about his messages online and was sent the following message, supposedly from Hayley herself – “It must be boring there on Earth not having someone to have incest with, love you sis”.

Duffy was finally caught after attacking these and other families (including that of a boy who was murdered by his uncle) when his e-mail addresses were tracked by police. Typically his lawyer came up with excuses for his behaviour and Aspergers was chief amongst them as sufferers “are unable to tell the way people will react to events”. Yeah, right. Anyone at twenty-five knows that a family is grieving when their child dies, anyone knows that to exacerbate that grief is wrong and a pretty evil thing to do, and anyone knows that the impersonating the deceased to attack those left behind is one of the most horrific things a person can do. Using a well-known and regularly over-blown fact about a condition like Aspergers as an excuse for actions like this merely cheapens that condition for those who actually suffer from it and don’t do sick things like this.

The lawyer then went on to say that Duffy had become addicted to “the internet phenomenon of trolling”. Quite apart from being sick, the messages this idiot put up aren’t even clever or pointed which sets them aside from those who use trolling as an actual activity and leaves him as one of those who is merely out to hurt people for his own amusement. Trying to confuse that with trolling, where the user is attempting to make something funny, is an attempt to say “Well, everyone’s doing it anyway” on the lawyer’s part. No, they’re obviously not.

Incredibly it seems that these excuses have worked as Duffy has been banned from social networking sites (there is no way to regulate this), given a five year Antisocial Behaviour Order (sadly a badge of honour these days in this country) and eighteen weeks in prison for each of the five cases he’d been prosecuted over. The prison time is to be served concurrently so he gets eighteen weeks maximum punishment for causing these families such heartache and pain. If it were up to me I’d hand him over to the families he spent time insulting and allow them as much time with him as he spent attacking them and free reign to do anything in that time. Now, that’s some sort of justice.


26 thoughts on “Bully – The Sean Duffy Story

  1. What he did is truly awful, but he didn't exactly get away with it. I wouldn't fancy eighteen (more likely twelve) weeks in prison. And I'd probably lose my job, maybe my apartment, into the bargain. But yes, what a ratbag. Truly evil.

  2. I have a student with Aspergers and Tourettes. While he hasn't done anything quite as heinous as Duffy (at least I don't think he has, yet), he does pull anti-social pranks quite often, only seeing them as funny. "Why can't you see it's funny to me?"I'm tiring of the authorities making excuses for his behavior because of his conditions. However, it does help me plan how to react to his outbursts in a calm manner.

  3. I've no problem with defending the client, but to say that something like this is okay because of reason X is where I draw the line. So often things are blamed for the actions of people so that the people wont suffer as much blame as they truly deserve. Very often it's things that I partake in such as video games or rock music that has taken the blame for the ills of society, and it makes people believe that all people who partake of such things are the same as those extreme cases, just as blaming Aspergers in this case will give people a bad view of that.

  4. Originally posted by Mik:

    Typically his lawyer came up with excuses for his behaviour

    I think it's called 'defending', which is what he gets his money for… Anyway – what he did what awful and I'm sorry for the families who became his victims.

  5. You nailed it: "…this bastard is fucking evil."I'm literally speechless. I simply cannot fathom the lack of caring and heart that is required to consider doing these types of things, let alone follow through with them. I do my best to be forgiving and whatnot, however, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to stray from the thought process that goes something like, "I hope this motherfucker burns in Hell." Truly disturbing…

  6. There is a vast difference between missing the odd social cue and blatantly going up against the social norm. :left: .Maybe it's because I'm tired, having just arrived home from night shift, or maybe It just isn't sinking in yet. But I don't seem to feel anything towards this guy. I'm not angry, sad or even shocked. :confused: .I think there is more to this than has been revealed. :sherlock: .I don't think this guy is happy at all and I doubt he has any friends. I don't think he even enjoyed doing this shit. Somehow I get the impression that he hates his life and, if he had the guts, he'd end it. :left: .

  7. Originally posted by Nerak:

    "I hope this motherfucker burns in Hell."

    +1Also, I hope he will find his personal hell in jail with inmates just happy enough to give it some help. And that his entire neighbourhood knows about him. He should be banned from accessing Internet at all even though it would be hard to accomplish.

  8. When you actually know someone with Aspergers or anyone with a non-verbal disability you will understand that their brains are wired differently. He really probably doesn't understand what he's done is wrong because it is only funny to him. And he's also mimicking what his father does although in a much more damaging way. That said, we still have to teach them what is socially acceptable. Everyday I have to deal with a student like Duffy and it stresses me terribly. I don't want him to turn out like that but I really fear his actions will escalate into something worse.

  9. Originally posted by garlingmatthews:

    And I'd probably lose my job, maybe my apartment, into the bargain.

    Something I never considered and a good point. Although, in this country at least, I'm sure he'll be given all the help in the world when he leaves prison, which is more than grieving families get.

  10. This sort of reminds me of how Marcial Maciel got sentenced to "A life of prayer and penitence" for the child abu~ , no, Rape scandal.

  11. the fucking basterd! Some people don't deserve to live… him though, he deserves to live the most horrible life one could imagine… sadly, he lives a life far to good for him…

  12. 18 weeks? Well, I rely on him to make friends in the jail. Good friends. Strong musculous guys with fat tattoos and fat rap sheets. Justice' little helpers from the dark side. :devil:

  13. They should send him to a South African jail and not those hotels they call jail overseas. πŸ™„ .We'll put him with the 28's :whistle::devil: .

  14. Just a note, that article implies that the 26's and the 28's are part of the same gang. They are actually distinct and seperate gangs with different 'moral' codes. :sherlock: .

  15. So let me get this straight… That bullshit story with so many contradictions has made people follow rules to the letter, and if they break any rules they must spill an innocent's blood to get back in favour? This is something people aspire to? Something they're proud to be a part of to the point that so many have joined and it has grown to be so powerful and feared?While I'm intrigued about how the thinkers beat the soldiers and left them in hospital beds and begging for surrender, the fact that the thinkers then went on to set up a system where you had to have sex with them to be a part of their "utopia" and then decided murder was the way after all anyway… Well, it's pathetic.Looking on that article you can see that the entire gang hinges on taking from those who aren't in the gang, raping and murdering. People join that they wont be victims so easily and the entire thing goes on. They're animals who need to be put down publicly and painfully, that they're not a burden on the world anymore and that they serve as a warning to those who would do the same.

  16. Not everyone capitulates. πŸ™„ .I don't really understand the mentality of those who 'pick up numbers'. But yes, for those who join, it is something the 'aspire' to. :irked: .Most repeat offenders are from those who deliberately get caught because they have nothing outside of prison. Inside, they are 'important' members of their chosen community. But outside, they are unwanted and unwelcome by most everyone. πŸ™„ .While many offenders may come to prison because of some crime committed for it's own sake, they often reach a point where the gang becomes the sold meaning of existence for them. Once that happens, committing crimes and getting arrested is merely a way to get back to their chosen 'reality' and way of life. :awww: .Most of the references cited by that article were written by people who have never been inside a South African jail. πŸ™„ . I recognise several misunderstood references that any Correctional Officer would see at a glance. For example, the 'cell cleaner' is not a term that is derived from the gangs directly. Some prisoners are selected, usually as a result of good behaviour, and assigned to 'spans' by the Correctional Officers. They are paid a small fee to perform the menial tasks that would otherwise have been performed by contractors like cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. Since cleaning is the most common task that is required in every part of a prison, most of them are 'cleaners'. (they often end up doing various admin tasks that they're not authorised to do but that is not their officially designated duty)These are the 'cleaners' being referred to, and they are most often part of the 26's. The 28's are generally more hardcore and much less likely to apply for there positions as they deem them to be part of the 'system' that they are 'oppressed' by. πŸ™„ .The various gangs are found in all South African prisons but they are less violent in most parts of the country. (the Western Cape has gangsterism problems that go far beyond that of Prison life.)

  17. Originally posted by qlue:

    they deem them to be part of the 'system' that they are 'oppressed' by

    The same system they cannot cope without when outside those walls? The same system that they only feel worth something if they can fight against it? Yeah, put the lot of them down and start again with a better class of criminal.

  18. I can't decide which words to use about him. And I'm sorry, but I don't think any "illness" can justify things like this.

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