Overheard In The Street

…so this is my new number.

No nothing like that. No, I was drunk last night and watching Transformers. I wasn’t really paying attention though and was mucking about with my phone.

Yeah, pretty much. I noticed the Airplane Mode setting and thought that was awesome so I clicked it, hurled my phone into the air and smashed it on the ceiling.

Yeah, worst Transformer ever.


17 thoughts on “Overheard In The Street

  1. Yeah, I can relate to that. Few years ago I was trying to convince my phone to shut the f*** up. After that all I could rely on was vibration :awww:

  2. Sorry but that word 'Airplane' just bugs the shit out of me! :irked: .I note with interest that my phone does not have an 'Airplane' mode but has an 'Offline' mode instead.And my netbook had a 'Flight' mode. But since I've removed the Wlan packet radio, that's no longer applicable. :left: .

  3. When they have a Phaser mode, then I'll get excited! I only hope I can vaporize all the people I want to before the battery runs out … :whistle:

  4. The best thing about those old brick Nokias is that you could drop it from the top of the Carlton Centre and it wouldn't even be scratched! :insane: .

  5. Haha! You overheard that?Originally posted by Cois:

    He goes out with the huge one

    Like one of those petrol station restroom keys tied to a huge object so you won't "accidentally" take it with you when you leave? :p

  6. 😆 one of my mates has an old huge Ericcson that he still uses plus his normal phone. He goes out with the huge one so it'll never get stolen or get lost. 🙄 that's one phone no-one wants to steal.. :doh:

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