A Wild Change Appears

So, here’s something you probably don’t know and that will ruin the days of many of my adoring fans – I cut my hair. Now I know what you’re thinking; he’s done it before. Why only a year or so ago he lopped off three feet of hair so it was shoulder-length again. Well, behold…

Not looking like a lesbian version of myself at all

It’s all gone. I lopped another two feet of hair off to get it just above shoulder-length then had a local barber shave the rest and be tasked with the highly annoying job of sweeping it up.

I look, and indeed feel, younger for the most part. The mild grey that was starting to show above my ears is more evident but doesn’t really age me that much. I’m still getting used to it as my hair hasn’t been this short in around a decade, but I quite like it so far.

So, what do you think?


39 thoughts on “A Wild Change Appears

  1. :insane: A week in which both you and I got haircuts – I'm pretty sure that's one of the signs of the Apocalypse :eyes:No grey near my ears yet, although a few bits appearing elsewhere.

  2. Goats, no. Cats on the other hand… That's not a stare either. I just have kind of intense eyes which high resolution cameras make pop even more, giving the "her van owning boyfriend before she disappeared" impression. Mart, dare I ask where you're going grey? :left: I thought I just had a few strands of white hair but after shaving it off I can see I had the full Clooney going on. Babe, without your support I'd never have gone through with it.

  3. Now let's see a version of that picture in negative so you can have random guys on Opera try to chat you up! 😉

  4. Nowhere weird :p Just a few randomly scattered across my head, not concentrated anywhere yet. I was expecting the haircut to unveil a horde of them, but I guess they're biding their time a while longer. As long as they don't turn me into Pepe Le Pew I guess i'll survive somehow :insane: :p

  5. Looks fine to me. I cut my hair completely down every three weeks. As opposed to what some of my friends suspect my hair is actually growing at a fairly high speed (can you say that about hair?). It's just that it only grows in some parts, and if I let it grow I look like a mix between Kieth Flint and Doc Emmet Brown. However, it is not grey in any parts. My beard on the other hand (what a wierd place to keep a beard!) is almost entirely grey by now.

  6. David, you mean this? Kim, it is me, after all. ;)Karen, thank you. Try not to gaze into the eyes. They've been the fall of many women and men. :devil:Mart, I can just see you dumping a paint pot on Fan and saying it's for romance. Kiran, combable? Find me a woman who loves combable hair and I'll show you Sarah "I'm not a mongoose" Palin. I just had to buy combs specially but it's too short to obey combs yet.Tamil, rip head through page to give a thumbs up to you too.San, funny you should mention that. I have a single eyebrow hair that is somewhere around eight feet long (this may be a slight exaggeration) and that does Kim's head in. I refuse to remove it as it's the source of my powers. She complained while I was getting the haircut and the guy went to chop it off. Tom Jones called for the rights to the story but lost interest when he found out I kept it. Martin, where exactly is your beard? :worried:Clint, it used to be a phone and have lots of hair. If you want I can give you a short haired hungryface to prove where you are? David, that doesn't sound like a radio 4 Sunday afternoon show at all… Gavin, that's why I did it. It got too much to handle.

  7. Originally posted by Furie:

    I havr a single eyebrow hair that is somewhere around eight feet long (this may be a slight exaggeration) and that does Kim's head in. I refuse to remove it as it's the source of my powers.

    Yes, I know a certain ninja with a similar hair. Drives me nuts too. 🙄

  8. Aha, good grasshopper obeys sensai. Rose, about five minutes. I'm impulsive. 😮 How was your birthday? :hat: Any sausage stories?

  9. Looks good! :up: I don't see the day yet that I will cut all my long hair. :no: I have long hair since I was a teenager. :knight:

  10. Originally posted by Spaggyj:

    San, use small scissors or nail clippers on the errant hair while he sleeps. :up:

    Ninjas don't sleep! :ninja:

  11. I have a short hair for my entire life so I will always say: now you look like a man 😛 As for grey hairs, wait until you reach 40 :devil:No one cuts my hairs without permission :knight:

  12. Honestly, most men are like little girls when it comes to our hair. It's like our hair (and the way we keep it) is our last bastion against female superiority. Women can take away our self esteem, our pride, change our wardrobe, mold and sculpture our entire existence to the point where we become the man she always dreamed of. But she best keep away from our hair – including facial hair. I personally have my problems with the Missus on account of my beard. The unemployed Scandinavian poet style, I sometimes keep, is a tad too untidy for her taste.

  13. Originally posted by sanshan:

    But I DID ask you.

    And I did not give a permission :knight:Kimmie, I may be in a food or sugar coma but my hair is on alert, it would wake me up in a case of emergency :ninja:

  14. Five minutes? :eyes: But hey – why not. Better to just get to it, right… :DIt was excellent, and filled with everything my heart desires. Except sausages. :p

  15. Whoa that was a surprising change indeed! :eyes:It suits you though. I like it! :up::sst: No wonder my troopers missed you by far. :irked:

  16. Originally posted by Furie:


    We prefer the term 'free enterpriser', and we are all trained to endure all sorts of biscuit torture. And the "creamboarding" technique is SO last century…

  17. Originally posted by thatbloggerguy:

    When was the last time you saw a goat?

    Every morning out my kitchen window!Oh! You weren't talking to me! 😮

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