Tenth Anniversary Today

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Kim and I. We celebrated with a nice meal and a rare photo of us together that we’re both happy with.


44 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary Today

  1. Belated congratulations again! Mik, with the short hair you now look like a cross between one of the Men in Black and a Blues Brother! 😉

  2. Not the short fat one! (in my opinion) :lol:\edit : although if you tried on one of those hats, I might think again 😉

  3. :sing: Well Mik he went and logged into the OC site one dayIf someone said some stupid shit he sure would make them payHe read a comment where someone said why not go outside?The thought was so daftHe laughed until he criedOnline all dayBrowsing his wayPost Maker MikHe writes :sing:

  4. You can have my left knee any time. Due to ligament injuries I have literally not been using it for the best of ten years.

  5. I just offered him my knee… If that upsets him he is not a proper deity, is he. As far as I know there is no refund guarantee clause in believer-to-deity transactions. A covenant is not a legal paper. He could always just return it, if it's of no use to him. He doesn't have to summon a locust plague or a flood or something, though, being a deity, he probably would…

  6. *summons a plague of hipsters to tell Martin his knee used to be cool but doesn't cut it anymore*Hmmm… Where the fu….? *dials phone*What do you mean too many people were in the plague? That's the definition of a plague. It doesn't have to be cool! Fucking hipsters…

  7. Nine out of ten hipsters say, Furie's plague was quote dull as a rainy day unquote. The remaining hipster says quote I sorta liked it unquote, but he was probably being ironic.

  8. Hipsters aren't ironic, they're desperate fashionistas who haven't realised that fitting in or not doesn't matter to who you are, and who reduce all things to an arbitrary value of cool or not cool. In short, very tall seven year old boys in mentality.

  9. Nope. I was into stuff before it was cool before that was cool, sure. But the sad fact remains that I'm way too man-pretty to be a hipster. I don't even own a pair of thick glasses and a moth-eaten pea green cardigan that smells suspiciously of weed.

  10. The concept of cool is so easily misunderstood, that it puts naturally cool guys like yours truely (people keep telling me, not my fault) in a position where all that is left to do is a gesture of resignation (see avatar picture). Cool is a state of mind, not a set of spectacles or sailor tattoos. Cool can not be bought or painted on, it can not be tought or trained. I know grown men, family fathers, that still works hard every day to gain coolness, but they just don't have it in them, because they still mirror themselves in the surrounding World. And I know twelve year old kids who are just cool, because personal honesty, intergrity and concistancy of actions, thoughts and words (what coolness really is about) just comes naturally to them.Cool is like musicality. Unfortunately you can not get it if you don't have it.That's the way I see it, anyway.

  11. Not a bad view. I'd add that you don't have it if you want it that badly that your life centres around it. Being cool (or whatever the kids these days call it) is a state of being. One simply is. One cannot force it by proxy to other supposedly cool but really just fashionable things.

  12. "Yiur" is how Scottish people say "You're"."Kife" is a general European word that can mean all sorts of things. For instance, the Queen has been known, on occasion, to tell Prince Phillip, "You have a nice kife, you kife", to which he replies, "Only when it's not cold. Ha! Ha! Now I'll make an offensive comment about foreigners!"

  13. No idea Dennis. Perhaps your eyesight is going in your old age?Or perhaps I'm testing an alpha level keyboard which instictively adds punctuation and missed spaces, changes words and spelling by what came previously, and can cope with my thumbs of justice.

  14. Originally posted by H82typ:

    I'll go to the barn now and put frilly panties on the sheep

    Pictures! Or it didn't happen…

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