Draw Something – Why You’re Playing With Yourself

For those of you who’ve never heard of it, Draw Something is a mobile game where you select one of three words and then draw a picture representing that word. That picture is then sent to a stranger over the internet and they have a selection of letters and have to make the word out of the letters with your drawing as a clue. Pictionary, basically. I’ve been messing around with the game recently despite the news that the evil Zynga corporation bought it and have been using it to fuel their advertising profits. I’m not very good as I simply cannot draw. I’ve the artistic ability of a small carrot called Bob. Don’t get me wrong; I have some great artistic vision. I just can’t draw well. I do, however, try. What would be the point if I didn’t try eh? I draw squiggles and, despite my lack of ability, most of them are guessed correctly due in part to my vision of what I want to draw. That’s not true of everyone though. Of the first ten rounds I played with strangers, seven of them didn’t draw a thing. Instead those people wrote the word on the screen. One of those people tried to draw something and failed a couple of times before giving up and writing the answer but the others just immediately wrote the answer on the screen.

The way the scoring in Draw Something works is that if a word is guessed correctly the artist and guesser both earn a number of coins, and these can be spent on more colours to boost your ability. The people writing the answer obviously want to get rid of any chance they wont earn points that round so they can get a shortcut to these things. They cheat basically and have no problem ruining the game for others so that they can fast forward to the end and collect virtual paint pots rather than earning them. They aren’t playing the game at all and I cannot understand why people would do that. They’re not going to get any enjoyment from it while they do this to nickel and dime their way to new colours. They’re not going to create some masterpiece once they have those colours (or they’d have no problem earning their way there). The colours don’t mean anything outside of the game. All they’re actually doing is diminishing how much enjoyment the game can give them, how long they’ll get that enjoyment for, and how much people want to play with them.

I haven’t time for stuff like that. It’s one of the reasons that I don’t like online gaming. I’ve been a child and lived through other kids who blatantly lost games then changed the rules so they didn’t and it bored me then. All those kids who can’t stand to lose are the ones who mess things up for the rest of us. Both winning AND losing at games is a part of growing into a well balanced individual. If you still can’t take losing at a game to the point that you’ll cheat rather than even trying to play then you’re more likely unbalanced than well balanced. And that is why I quit out of those games and go without any points myself. I’d rather lose at that and then play properly with someone else than help you cheat your way through a game like this. You’re pathetic and I really can’t help but think you’re exactly like this in all aspects of life.


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