8 thoughts on “Phones

  1. At some point, the idea of even having a device that you have to carry around will make people laugh :p

  2. For the record, I started this page five years and two months ago. I was using the Sony Ericsson W850i.Ten years ago sites like this were barely accessible from mobiles. Applications had only just started to make their way onto phones and there were about four handsets that could manage it (all Nokia back then), colour screens were still a thing that only the highest end mobiles had (and then only a few of them), and the web was pretty much limited to WAP sites (designed purely for mobile). I was using the Nokia 6610. It was one of the first phones to have a colour screen (my third at that time) and cost me £450.

  3. This is the best phone I've had:… and I still have it as back-up. As far as I recall I got it in early 2008, and I swobbed it with a new one last year, only because I was curious about smartphones. It still works alright, and the camera is the best phone camera known to man.

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