This time next week I’ll be giving you guys a sneak preview of the first chapter of the book I’ve been writing. As my birthday present you all get to read it and let me know what you think so far about the style, what intrigues you, what is a bit too cliché, etc.

Before then I need to know something though. How would you like your sample? As we’re talking about 3,500 words here that’s quite a bit of reading time. I’ll be providing a page on the site specially for you to read the book, but some of you may prefer different methods of reading either on tablets or phones. I can produce a PDF file for those who are interested but will need to know beforehand (hence this post). I can also do an EPUB for those who need one of those, although I would prefer not to.

So, preferences?


11 thoughts on “Preferences

  1. Yes. Was not impressed with that particular request. I got there and had a rant about it. As I printed I noticed an anonymous comment had done the same, thinking it was bloody cheeky. Deleted that because it would have seemed a bit suspicious left there, you know?

  2. I’d have to ask back: How do you prefer the critique? Would you like a newpaper style review or do you want a sort of remix – like when you got an essay back from you teacher in school, with red underlinings, suggestions to alternative phrases, etc.-?

    • Just thoughts really. Does the humour mix well or stand out too much? Can you get a general idea of the characters from the meagre descriptions and what little we find out during the chapter? Does any concept seem under or over explained? That sort of thing. I just want impressions really. A sort of Amazon review based on this chapter as if it were the first of a series of books. Do you care about the characters at all? Do you identify with their situation (when you read it this question will leap to mind)? What are you looking forward to finding out? What intrigues you? What could you do with less of? Would you pay immense amounts of money for it if you owned Disney?

      Basically I want to know if I’m telling what is at least a half decent tale in an alright manner. I want to know if it falls into trouble that I as the author cannot see for my closeness. And, once all the reviews are in, I’ll tell you one of the twists of the book (one that makes no difference to the overall plot) in its current incarnation.

      • In that case, I’ll take it anyway you serve it.And give you my honest opinion. What ever it’s good for. Having been (and hopefullu about to be) in the same business might not make me the best reviewer, though, Like a painter we sometimes have to stand back to have an overall view on the canvas, and that is an almost impossible task for a writer, so.second opinions are handy. And giving us the first chapter, like a sort of ‘pilot’ to the entire story is a very good idea.

        I’m in on it.

  3. Six hours left folks. It’s all automated now too so I can just go to bed and let it happen.

    A couple of people have had slightly early copies due to their preferences and the fact that certain file types can’t be hosted without a new account somewhere. I sent it them as sextape.mp4 😳 and will tell them how to rename the file tomorrow morning. As this is me, I’m sure I’ll have to assure them that it really isn’t my sextape so they stop trying to play it and can sleep at night again without thinking of what they’re missing out on. 😉

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