At The End Of This World, Follow Me To Another

As you all know, I moved away from MyOpera about a year ago following an increase in the amount of bugs and problems getting to the site. I’ve been slowly moving all of my stuff over to WordPress, manually moving posts. Since I decided to move tools were released to easily move over to other sites like WordPress, but I have so much on this site that I’ve spent months cutting it down so that I will be able to move it. I had more than double the maximum data needed to move.

Now, as you can tell from this posting, I stuck around Opera for my friends. I kept this account mostly to keep in touch with people who stayed here in spite of the troubles, but also to act as a rolling feed for my page over on WordPress (the fact is that unless you’re a member or willing to get email alerts it’s a pain to follow a blog there without RSS).

So, on to the point of this post. As of this post from the Opera crew we now know that MyOpera has become too much for them with too little return and that they will be shutting the site down. I’d like to say it’s a shock, but I saw it coming with all the problems I was having. They just don’t have the resources to spare to keep something like this going for everyone. If you haven’t seen that post, it should be linked somewhere in your watchlist or similar.

I’d like to see as many of my friends choose to export to WordPress as possible. I can vouch for the system being highly customisable. Sure, some of the more advanced features such as custom CSS are paid features, but this is true of most sites these days. Banners and Backgrounds can still be changed and that is more than most people want to do anyway. You can change what appears in your feeds, set up the system to post notifications of your posts to multiple social networks, have sharing buttons and likes, customise the menus of the site and so much more. Even better, there are good ways to post and manage your site from mobile devices too.

When I left Opera I hadn’t settled on WordPress. I first spent months trialling many other sites such as Tumblt and the like, each having a preliminary page set up to see how it operated, and I settled on WordPress as it was simply the best of them all. The system is simple enough to quickly get the hang of, and deep enough that a little work can set up all manner of contingencies and personalisations.

So, hopefully I’ll see you guys over there before long.


89 thoughts on “At The End Of This World, Follow Me To Another

  1. I will probably do the same, go to WordPress and upload my posts from Opera, after I delete some of them.Sad news but as you've said, expected.

  2. Let me know where you end up, Nick. I'd like to follow your stuff. You kept being removed from my watchlist here along with a few others. One of the many bugs, I suppose.Anyway, as a media blogger you might well find a good home on Tumblr, as it's set out specifically for that sort of thing. You can get the same effect from WordPress, but Tumblr is expressly for that purpose.Hope to see everyone over on WordPress. Remember you will lose everything if you don't export it and download any images that are only on here.

  3. I don't like WordPress at all, so I may look elsewhere, or alternatively stay in touch with a few people via email instead of blogging.

  4. I've decided a long time ago to 'move' to WordPress when the time came. Had an active 'name' there for quite a while now.Tried it before. Services come, services go.Always keep backups or be sure the service you choose has a proper export function. That's what experience taught me.I hope to keep in touch with most of my MyOpera friends.

  5. Aw, crap! Although expected for a while now, it still sucks. Is there a decent way of exporting posts together with the pictures? I haven't found one, but if you do let me know! :up:As I've fallen out of blogging, it's not very likely that I'll set up a new one now, but I want to keep the old ones for keepsakes. Well, not the blogs themselves, but the comments. They were really what this place was all about once. :)I'd love to know where all you guys end up. Not quite ready to cut the cord just yet! :love:

  6. Mik, thank you for your visit.He is not my friend, never has been.Thank you for inviting me to WordPress.I just opened one up and trying to figure out everything. Hope you can find me there.

  7. Feel free to put a link up Carol. I'm sure a load of us would love to reconnect. Also, I apologise for going off at the guy on your page. If it helps, that was the very restrained version of what I wanted to say. This is the guy who started defending the vaticans decrees against homosexuality to Dannii, as well, amongst other things. I'd bitten my tongue more than once around him. With the end of the site near it doesn't seem worth it anymore.WordPress is as simple or complex as you make it, and you can easily get by on the very basic actions available from the New Post popup. Or you can get in depth and run every different part of the post. It doesn't take long to learn the basics, but it can be a little dizzying with all the different options available to you.Still, give it time and you'll get the hang of it. The trick is to remember that you don't have to use everything, just what you want to use.

  8. Clint, I honestly think that Tumblr would be the best place for you to sort out your business, at the very least. It's very much a media based place, with photos and music taking the forefront. As it's built for that you might find that the business is better presented as a result.Of course, if you want to have multiple blogs from the same name then WordPress is well suited to that. I've two set up at the moment and have given them the same theme and menu hierarchy, so they seem to be the same page. I can also add static pages at a whim, with or without comments. For example, I'm producing a serial story for a forum at the moment but will publish it in its entirety on its own page when it's done there. I can add that page to the menu and be done with it.Still, wherever you go, drop by me on WordPress and make sure everyone knows so we can keep in contact. On that subject, I've just noticed that you're using Coisart and not Cois, and that you've been posting under it for god knows how long. Ignore what I said earlier about reading every post. I thought you'd just gone to comments only, and weren't posting anymore. Sorry dude.

  9. I'd prefer not to cut the cord either. I count you horrible lot as my real life friends, not just people I've happened across online. I know I've been lax with comments and the like while writing this book, but lifelong dreams tend to take precedence without you seeing them taking everything else over. I have been reading most of what has been put up though, and feeling kinda guilty that my mind isn't capable of anything but a "Nice cake" here, or "Gardens looking good" there when I get on.Rosiepoos and Carol. Exporting is a pain the more you've blogged, I'm afraid. WordPress and others using that system accepts imports of up to 15MB from MyOpera, not including images. My own page came in at well into the 90s. Yesterday, having cut so much of it down it was still just under 70MB. So I removed all of the theme details and downloaded my albums, deleting the online ones when done. Things that had been moved elsewhere were also deleted and only the main "files" folder in our Files was kept. I spent a lot of last night and some of this morning deleting things like web tests and comics I'd posted. The sort of thing that no real thought had gone into. You can only make an export file every 24 hours though so I don't know how much of a dent that made yet.Guess which idiot was exporting his albums and files, not his bloody posts? :rolleyes:Anyway, once your file is less than 15MB (smaller blogs without a lot of images should easily come in there) you just need to go to WordPress, click Dashboard, Tools, Import, MyOpera and load the downloaded export file from there. It's quite simple, but I haven't got around to it yet due to the work I need to do to cut my page down.Before I go ahead with my import, I'll be removing any whispers left in comments, except for a few strategically placed ones. This will help me find out if these import files make whispers public or not, and I'll report back here for you guys so you know whether or not that will mess up by importing somewhere else.

  10. I'm possibly gonna move to Twitter. Long blog posts regularly was never really my thing. And I'm currently working on the design for the new tweet thread concept, allowing me to chain tweets into a story.I regret moving to My Opera Mail now though. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  11. Twitter for me is about following brands and annoying Karen mainly. :devil: I have been using it to declare intentions recently so that I guilt myself into actually doing some work when I can't be bothered.

  12. Then you shouldn't see what that guy posted on David's "Ravo's" blog. :faint:I don't mind you going off on him on my blog, I was blindsided by what you said about my choice of friends and that being one of the reasons you've stopped coming around and commenting. Here's the link I think to my WordPress: don't get why I got dacotahgal as my username and not Dacotah. Oh well, just odd that I have dacotahgal twice in the upper left hand corner. I'll get the hang of it when I can spend some time looking around it.

  13. Oh, it's that Lorenzo dude you're talking about. He's just a stuck-up know-it-all. You can smell an idiot like that through time and space. I've long since stopped worrying about that type of dude. There's no way you can chage them anyway.

  14. It's the name you chose for your blog, possibly taken from whatever e-mail you signed up with. I think that the username is usually the same as the first blog you set up there. You can change it somewhere in the settings as I've done so myself. My world of cinders blog used to be somewhere I could anonymously rant about the difficulties and achievements of being a carer before I deleted the posts and changed the name of it. That was back in 2008 when I first noticed problems with this place and was trying other places out. Took four years for them to truly drive me away.Yeah, pretty much everything that guy says rubs me up the wrong way. I mean, I'm known for being pretty arrogant but that guy takes the proverbial packet of biscuits, smashes it against a wall and then puts it back on the shelf for the next person to buy at a supermarket. I've seen him attack far too many people here. When he first joined he attacked a Japanese guy who left because of it, all because that guy won a competition. I went there defending the guy, and he went to my page, pulled an image of me from a post and posted it there while insulting my looks. I mean, the nerve of it. He looks like a sinister geography teacher and I'm pretty much the fairest in the land. So yeah, I stopped playing nice and told him what I think of him.As an aside taken from the first paragraph, what do people think about how to type e-mail? I've always been a hyphenated guy, but recently a lot of places are doing it as the single, non-hyphenated word "email". To me that looks wrong, and yet it is apparently the right way to say it now.

  15. Email. I'm so used to *that* word, that when I'm writing, I almost always mis-spell 'female' and write 'femail' before I correct myself ๐Ÿ™„

  16. Everybody has been using 'email' for a long time in Denmark. Pretty standard. I don't really know which form I use. Never gave it a thought. Probably a mix of both.

  17. I see. Thanks. I found that place to change it but it warns me about it, so I don't know if I should or just leave it like that. I like e-mail.

  18. Facebook is probably the best bet for a business, though I don't know how well it's doing in South Africa.But, ya know, don't get stuck only on there eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Mik… The Coisart is mostly just to showcase my stuff as i can't expect to just show stuff to people on my mobile every time. Also the businesscard thing has to be redone now as having the album address.. :irked: that's alot of cards wasted already. :insane: I'm either gonna make a 'like page' on facebook or see what WordPress can deliver since you recommend it So highly… :peh… I'll just see what works for me as the search is on… again…

  20. everyone has it but rather difficult to set up a like page on opera mini. Playing with wordpress at moment.It's that or I'll probably just update it once a month when on pc or something.

  21. Clint, from Opera go to Account, Blog Settings, and look for a massive blue "Export yout blog" button. Just press that and eventually you'll have a file called something like blog-.xml, probably in a folder called ARCHIVE-(load of numbers here). Make sure that file is under 15MB (images won't be included so unless you've gone as mad as me with post size and formatting, it should be) and delete a few posts if you need to make it smaller. Once it's the right size download that and you're done on this end.Now from WordPress, you need to hit Dashboard, Tools, Import and there should be the following options for sites: Blogger, Blogroll, Israblog, LiveJournal, Movable Type and TypePad, My Opera, Posterous, Storylane, Tumblr, WordPress, Xanga, Yahoo! 360. Click MyOpera and you'll be able to upload the file.I'm about to run an experiment to see if comments carry whispers over to public, or if posts already on the new page get deleted when you import.

  22. My blog was only 5.6 MB. Currently WordPress is processing it. You just have to be patient with this. They send you an email when it's done.(Shortly after)Wo! That was fast. It's all there now. Next thing I'll do something about the lay-out of the blog, and then… Just go on…See you there.

  23. I've got mine down to 16.4MB right now. Been through my blog deleting all the crap and I have only seven pages of archive now. I made choices between posts on both pages based on which had the most comments. Next is to go through the comments on all the surviving posts and delete whispers and spam. That should cut it down a little too, possibly the amount I need.I'll take this opportunity to apologise to you guys for the sheer amount of crap I posted, from comics to web tests, that had nothing to do with anything. I also apologise for the seventy-nine different posts about my blog theme. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  24. Sorry, typo. Meant do you know how could I?I went to your blog there and read one of your posts and I saw theoddbod's comment so I click on the name and it went to what I thought would be a blog and went to the about page, what surprised me is what was said on the about page "Click the Edit link to make changes to this page or add another page." They other day the Edit link was there but not today but the add another page link is still there. Is it like that on all about pages? Odd that some one could add a page to a person's about page. At least the "click the edit link" isn't a link anymore on his about page.

  25. WordPress fills in segments that have been activated with examples of their use. For example, the About page has been activated and you saw an example post there saying how to add new pages to the site. Had you clicked the link you would have been told you have no access to his page to add a new page and been given a list of your own pages.

  26. Originally posted by coisart:

    So i can export anything but images you're saying?

    Images embedded in the posts are exported. Links too. It'll also take some of the comments, but not all of them.

  27. Images aren't exported, their links are. Should those images be on here then when they close the place the links will stop working and the images will disappear there. Same if you delete the original source from elsewhere.Links are exported as said, but they will stay the same as they are now. Anyone who has linked to one of their own posts on here will obviously need to find those links and change them to the WordPress version before they work properly over there.There is a way to download images, and the Files section allows you to export the images you have to a zip file so you can download them. To reuse them you'll have to upload them elsewhere and manually change the links. That's the pain of exporting. I lost a shitload of my images (2008-2012) when Ovi closed its share service. While I've replaced a lot of those in larger posts, there are dozens of posts that have nothing. They got deleted to cut down the export.

  28. Now that I've checked out the result of the export, I've decided to delete the majority of my old Opera posts. Whether I do it here and make a new export or delete them on WP, I havent decided. Probably the latter. I will keep the series – the house and garden stuff, and the graphic stuff. Reconstruct the embedded media, and adjust the text (cut out specific MyOpera references and so). Might actually end up choosing individual posts from this site, and manually move them, doing the formatting changes in the process. It'll take some time.It's like migrating. You can take your stuff with you, but it's still a new house. Right now my WP blog is a mess of boxes, which it will be for a while yet.

  29. Are you able to edit the posts that have been exported, by the way? As I've moved so many over there already and fixed the formatting on them, I plan to export and then edit each post, copying the fixed versions over the old ones.

  30. Originally posted by Aqualion:

    *Hysterically yelling while carried away by security guys* Everybody's a critic!

    Just enjoying the banter:D

  31. I won't be exporting anything wherever I move, I'll just take the opportunity to start again and maybe re-write some & do it better ๐Ÿ™‚ Brevity is the soul of an interesting post I find, and TLDR is the killer.

  32. Originally posted by Furie:

    Are you able to edit the posts that have been exported, by the way?

    Yes. No problem. Good thing that it exports the tags too. I've sort of based my serial posts on the tag function, and it would have been very annoying to have to rearrange the tags of the exported posts, but they are there, and I'm happy about it. Seems pretty simple, fortunately. I've decided to see if I can find a theme that suits my purpose. If I can go ahead without having to go 'Premium', I'd prefer that.

  33. Originally posted by FlaRin:

    I'll just take the opportunity to start again and maybe re-write some & do it better ๐Ÿ™‚ Brevity is the soul of an interesting post I find, and TLDR is the killer.

    I find an inability to be notified of your posts is the killer for me. You, Red and a few others were constantly being unsubscribed by the system so that I couldn't keep up with your pages. :irked: Gotta wonder how many others lost their connection with your page due to that. The posts I did actually get to read read were a good length, although I was occasionally confused how the stories you were telling related to the music you were talking about. I assumed it was a "This is how this makes me feel, a specific situation in which this would have been a great soundtrack."

  34. The stories were because I like writing little vignettes, little bursts of imagery and use them to lead into the question 'what's this song, then? '. Most of them Were just random scenes that popped into my head at the time of writing :)But not really a soundtrack kinda thing, other than all the featured songs are or were on my mp3 player and all the CDs are in my collection :)-they were supposed to be a challenge to identify, that's all

  35. with what exactly are you getting on WordPress since it's certainly not Opera mini friendly.. :irked: same thing with getting a Like Page with mobile view. Somehow my frustration just builds and I tossed it.Majority of my images I have either on disc or HDD so that shouldn't be too much of a problem I think though will need to pull some images from old blog.Eh.. Think I'll just start somewhere from total scratch that's how frustrated it's getting..

  36. There's a fairly good WordPress app available for Android. Nothing fancy, but it works. Never really tried accesing WordPress via mobile browsers. I try avoiding mobile browsers if I can.On a note: because we're not actually allowed to use hyperlinks in our comments around here, the links will not be there after an export. This make some exported threads quite funny. Without the images the written statements become extremely weird.

  37. There is both and the WordPress app. The app is simplest, and contains a buttload of functionality. You can manage comments (moderated or not, on your own page or not), make new posts and work on drafts, schedule posts for later publishing, read your followed blogs, make and manage pages, check stats, and generally manage multiple blogs through it.One of the best publishing apps I've ever used. I generally use my Chromebook to get there, but there isn't much functionality lost when I use the Android app.

  38. :insane: android.My working phone is symbian. The android will cost too much to fix fully So it's random wifi stealing for me when I can. The pc gets it's internet fix once or twice a month via the n8 as modem. I'll try the mobile site a bit as I decided to go bloglike to everything I do rather than photo albums.Try putting in more to a picture as it will.:beard: ahl b bach…. ๐Ÿ™„

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