So, It’s Christmas Huh?

I’m not feeling Christmas today. I don’t know what it is. Maybe they started playing Christmas songs in shops so early this year that I was already used to and sick of it by the time Christmas was actually starting. Maybe the tower block just up the road that has had Christmas decorations adorning its external walls for the five or so years I’ve lived here has beaten the Christmas cheer from me. Or maybe it’s because Kim and I said no to gifts this year, although we both cheated on that to be fair.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m enjoying the day. I always look forward to a good roast and we go out of our way to make Christmas dinner the best roast of the year. We select our bird specially, make sure the right veg and potatoes are in. This year I slow cooked a beef joint and used a herb bag to marinade some onions and bacon during the cooking so that they could go in the stuffing with all that flavour infused. Even filled with chicken and rounder than I have been since this day last year, I enjoyed the walk after the meal too.

I even enjoyed opening presents but, honestly, who doesn’t enjoy that. Oh I know there are some people out there who are all “Christmas is about giving, not receiving, for me. I prefer to give gifts. That’s the joy for me.” To those people I have a one-word question to ask. Seriously? I mean, come on. Giving is great and can it can even be fun to spend time picking out something special for someone else. But to receive a gift is to be told by someone else “I care that you exist. You being here makes my life better in some way and I wanted to let you know that.” How can anything compare to that?

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just don’t understand gift giving properly, but being told that has always made me feel a damn sight better about myself than to tell it to someone else. I always feel it’s a little selfish to want to say that and not hear it in return, yet the “Giving not receiving” people are generally the ones who encourage that. To each their own, I suppose. If you are one of those people, feel free to explain what you get out of it, but know I’m not alone in my thoughts and the people you ask not to buy for you may feel cheated by you doing so.

Anyway, mini rant over there. I suppose this comes down to my main achievement this year. This was the year I completed my novel, after all. That was the last of my lifes dreams that I hadn’t completed so Christmas kind of got shoved to the wayside there. It’s understandable. Christmas comes once a year, but how often do we do something that amazes us about ourselves? This does mean I need to start shopping around for a new lifes dream, so I’m open to suggestions. If it involves Mila Kunis, all the better. Hmmm, anyone know how to hide a post from your fiancé? Ha, anyway, back to not feeling Christmassy.

I find it odd that, at this time of year especially, not feeling Christmas is something that can get you branded as a Scrooge. It’s always said to mean someone cold to the idea of Christmas and even a bit grumpy about things, and that says to me that people don’t understand the story Dickens was trying to tell with A Christmas Carol. This was a tale of redemption, where a man who many feel couldn’t be saved was convinced to change his ways. And yet there was also some form of explanation there. We start off feeling that the man is cold and that he is bad, and yet you come to understand throughout the story that Scrooge has his reasons for feeling this way. He’s trying to defend himself from any more pain in his life, and has built his walls so high that he’s trapped behind them. There’s a lot more to it than most of the films tend to show, and it’s a shame that the idea of the character has been reduced to only how he starts out. It’s like calling someone Batman because their parents got killed, or Wolverine because they’re Canadian.

That may have gotten a little off track so I should round this off before more tangents drag me after them. I hope you guys have had as nice a day as I have, and I hope those of you who celebrate have a little more Christmas cheer in you. As for me, I’m off to see what demolishing a Christmas pudding will do to my mood.


7 thoughts on “So, It’s Christmas Huh?

  1. this year was giving to the kiddies. Of course the one enjoyed his little gift and the other enjoyed her wonderful gift of tummy bug to her daddy.
    So yeah this was supposed to be our first ‘real Christmas’ it turned into something nasty.
    In end, or today rather, things got better and my little puppies are on the mend and that I’m truelly grateful for fuck the bad Christmas we had.
    Ok done with my gift of mini-rant on your post now… 🙄

  2. Receiving a gift is fine as long as it’s not a ‘social convention says I have to get you something but I decided to get you a badly-considered present that you don’t want, takes up space, and which you’re not allowed to get rid of’ kind of gift 🙄

  3. I love receiving gifts, it isn’t a secret. The joy of rattling it and try to guess what’s inside! The pretty paper and ribbons and stuff!
    I’ve been in a great Christmassy mood this year – it’s been fantastic!!

    • Oddly I had, right up to the day. And yet I was very aware of it not feeling quite like Christmas, as the day fast approached. Still, at least my mates had a good one.

  4. We had quite a tumultuous (is that the word?) Christmas. Down to our own ambitions, of course. Around May or so we decided that we would have a traditional old fashioned Christmas this year because we sort of have the most perfect backdrop in this old cottage in the middle of the country. So, we invited the entire family to come over. This includes my big sister, the savant. Well, noone in the family knows for sure, but there are certain shades of her personality that suggests she has some sort of autism spectrum disorder, and it’s an ordeal to spend more than just a few hours in her company. She takes without being able to give, if you know what I mean. She can’t help it, and everybody knows, but that doesn’t really make it easier, especially not in a context where it’s all about receiving and giving.

    However, we made it, my wife and me. We actually succeeded in establishing and maintaining a reasonably stress-free Christmas, and everybody was happy, food was good and the oldfashioned/traditional concept worked out very well. We’re tired now, both of us. Recovering. And New Year’s eve will be only the two of us. We do that every year.

    We decided that next Christmas we’re gonna do something new and extraordinary. Forget all about the traditions and try something entirely new.

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