So Long, Egon

I’ve seen a lot of tributes to Harold Ramis over the past couple of days, from fans of Ghostbusters to the President of the United States releasing a statement. I’ve learned a lot about this man, who will always be Egon Spengler to me, that I didn’t know. I hadn’t even thought of him outside of Ghostbusters and yet he had a much more profound effect on my formative years than I ever expected, having a role on the creative teams of so many of film events of my childhood.

Of all the tributes, some so passionately worded and others so well drawn, it was this that I found the most moving and the most fitting for my own memory of the man.



7 thoughts on “So Long, Egon

  1. Animal House has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it in a theater. All of his films have been, at worst, pretty good. He’ll be missed. RIP

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