My Beloved Has Died

Let me preface this by telling all of you who know and love my main beloved, that Kim is fine if a little pissed off with the events of the day. No, the she that died refers to that other sleek and sexy little beast that I like to snuggle up with in bed and run my grubby little fingers all over – my phone.

Now, for once, my phone isn’t one of the high end most technologically advanced devices out there. The reason for this is that I finally had a phone that met most of my needs. Let me say that again I (me) finally had a phone that could fully handle my needs easily. Considering I was doing things on a phone ten years ago that most people can’t do on computers today, that’s pretty impressive I’d say. Granted some part of that is down to diminished needs, but not all of it. The majority is because the Samsung Galaxy SII was just that good of a phone, especially the SIM free, unbranded version that I had. Normally those things cost a fortune but my fiance entered a competition a few years back where one was up for grabs and we ended up winning even though we found out we didn’t fit the criteria for the competition and asked to be withdrawn.

The phone had just the right combination of hardware, software and no frigging bloatware to handle everything I threw at it. Whether the carrier versions with all their bloat would have been the same is another question, but the basic straight from Samsung version was perfect for me. And today she died.

The hardest part is that I don’t even know why it happened. One moment I was in the bathroom and furiously tapping away about an idea I’d had for a structure change in the book I’m currently writing. I put the phone down, made a coffee, picked it up and couldn’t get it to respond except on the right hand side of the screen. Turns out the screen had cracked further up and I don’t know what caused it. I was barefoot so would have felt it if I’d stepped on it, but it was fine when I put it down. The only thing we can think of is that the weird temperature changes we’ve been getting have finally affected it and caused it to crack.

Luckily I’ve had a new budget in place since February as part of an ongoing three year plan that will allow me to eventually have all of the bill money up front as we enter a year and have a set amount being saved for the following year. As part of the budget I took the payments we get, averaged them out and set up an automated system that evens out how much we get every week as well, making our cash a lot easier to manage week by week as well. It was all very complex with lots of money moving around different accounts on set days so that the money would be in place for everything that was to come. And it wasn’t complete yet as there were two funds that hadn’t reached their quota yet.

Anyway, so far we had about three hundred pounds in extra savings ready to be used on both upcoming bills as well as stockpiled for the next year. On Kims encouragement I took two hundred of that and ordered a Nexus 7 tablet. I was going to go through Google Play, but Amazon were fulfilling orders for the 32GB version at the same price as Google were doing the 16GB version so we got the deal instead.

Nexus 7 2013 edition

As my needs have changed and so much of what I do online has moved over to my Chromebook (a device initially bought just for writing with) my phone needs have lessened. Mostly I use it for reading my news and comic book files with as well as a portable note taking machine for when I have a load of writing ideas, and of course to keep a close eye on the budgets. Beyond that it is mostly used for music and podcasts. A tablet is actually more suited to my needs I tell myself while mourning my beloved.

The thing is, I’ve had a lot of phones and some have been top of the line ones, while others have been concepts that didn’t get released in that format. None of them have suited me as much as my Samsung Galaxy SII did. None of them have been as perfect for me as that device was. She was my everything, you know, when it comes to things you can keep in your pocket and make do everything you want simply by poking at them.

In other news, the new cage for the hamster arrived today and it was broken, we had to go to town and people were both openly rude as well as aggressive (one guy hurled his food over the counter at a server, almost splashing Kim with his drink and stormed out by way of a complaint), and things have generally been shitty all over. Oh yeah, and I’m completely fucking shaven headed as well, but that’s another story.


52 thoughts on “My Beloved Has Died

  1. I feel your pain. It’s the pain I feel when every one of my little electronic extensions enters the paperweight stage of it’s existence. That’s why all of my stuff is relatively old. Things move on…

    • I usually sell my babies into slavery before this happens. I like to think they bring happiness to an old timey Colonel Sanders type as they till his land and bring him iced lemonade on the veranda. Is that racist?

      • My phones eventually reach an unusable stage. I gave my E65 to someone that begged me to sell it to him. I just couldn’t sell it though as it was barely functional after much hard use.

    • I do tend to wear mine down very easily through sheer usage, but this one was surviving well. Much better than any in the past. Did I ever tell you about the seventeen Nokias I killed in twelve months?

    • You guys are lucky with all your smart phones! πŸ˜‰ I have a $15 prepay phone that I use mainly for calls, and sometimes the two or three every other month text chat. 😳 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

      • Calls? Like talking and that? I’ve heard of the concept but…

        On that subject, check this out. It really shows how our world is so different from the one we grew up in.

  2. a little part inside of me usually dies when something like that just dies..
    either it’s because now I have to shell out a few bucks or it’s because you look so well after something and now it’s just gone.

  3. Sorry to hear that. Two years ago when Galaxy II appeared on market it was one of my choices to replace Samsung that I have but it was kind of expensive and in Canada, in BC to be precise, I couldn’t find it out of the pre-determined network. Our 3 main providers are having control on the market and we pay one of the most expensive service in the world. Knowing that I have only a basic needs for my cell phone, I gave up the idea.

  4. The question is, what phone will you choose to follow in its footsteps? Or is a meaty smartphone no longer required at all?
    The missus just got a Note 3 and is loving it πŸ™‚

    • I don’t use mobile data anymore, especially after our wi-fi hit 100GB speeds, so the tablet is enough for me without a phone. The main thing I was having trouble with on the phone was comic reading and now the tablet is better suited to that.

      I love the Note series as they have that sweet spot in screen size. But then they spawned the word “phablet” and deserve to be tortured as a result.

  5. Sorry for being late. I took a voluntary off-line vacation (or would that be a online-vacation?)

    My Google Nexus S lasted exactly two years, then the sudden death syndrome blasted out the motherboard – two days before the warranty expired. So, I went to the shop to get it fixed, and there was no problem with that. In the meantime, I put the SIM-card into my old, steadfast Sony Ericsson W810 (still one of the best mobiles I ever had).

    After getting the Nexus back from the shop – with a new motherboard making it more or less a brand new unit, I wanted to put the SIM-card back, but in the process the SIM-card slot simply disintegrated, while I was watching. The cobber-device that is supposed to read the card simply crumbled into tiny pieces.

    I gave up, so I haven’t done anything in the area of even trying to get the shop to fix it. It still works, with no SIM, on WiFi, and I use it as a ‘phablet’in the house. Bought (or more or less wrestled it out of his hands) my step-sons Xperia for phone-usage (I only use mobile phones for texting and talking when out of the house).

    Don’t think I’ll ever buy a new smartphone, since they seem to have a build-in life time of around two years. And I am not buying something worth almost a month’s food-supply to only have it for two years.

    • We had a similar SIM card disaster with a unit we were testing in a shop. The woman showing us a device put the SIM card in but to show it off but then it wouldn’t come out again when we wanted to be sure it would work on our network (90% of their phones were SIM free but you couldn’t tell for sure which was which). The push in clicky eject thing had broken in the first test.

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