Translate To Emoji

In case you haven’t noticed by the fleet of Furie Drones patrolling your skies today, it’s the first day of April. That means that people will be playing lame jokes on each other, newspapers can’t be trusted (I have a theory about this plane that has supposedly disappeared) and Google will be up to their usual antics.

Last year a highlight was Google Blackmail, which promised to tell everyone all the dirty little secrets you have stored on Google services. This year there are Pokemon that can be found on Maps, you can share a selfie as a theme for your friends to use on Gmail, and then there is Emoji translation which has shown up in the Android Chrome browser (check the menu when on a web page). This option… Well, clicking it transforms certain text options to Emoji as you can see below with the image of my last post.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Now, if only there were a way to make this the default on a browser, from afar, and hide the option to change it back. 😈


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