Happy Easter



14 thoughts on “Happy Easter

    • Oh, I see, it is not “you”… And the basket of turds sitting on the table? That’s also the responsibility of “somebody else”, I guess.


      *Leans back in very smart but extremely uncomfortable easy chair, tapping very smart but useless fountain pen on note pad*

      I suggest you come back next week. Rest assured that we can sort your… erm… little problem out together…

      *Wonders if it would be appropriate to call Laurence Fishburne at once or if it’s best to wait til after lunch*

      • *backs away, out of the room, down the corridor, out into the street, onto a bus, instructs the driver to drive the bus backwards along his route, gets off at home and backs all the way inside to safety*

    • 😉

      By the way, am I the only one who notice the weird diagonal sort of skratch markings on the upper part of the image, across the bunny’s face? I think they add an even more disturbing perspective to the overall impression. It tells a story…

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