Bit By Bit

Just thought I’d drop a quick line to let you all know how Wildfire is going. So far we’re at about thirty-five thousand words, and roughly a third of the way through the book so far. I’ve abandoned several of the subplots as unnecessary including one that just seemed like such a clever idea in the outlining stage.

So far one of the ancillary characters is breaking out and coming at the story from a different angle. He’s more interesting than I gave him credit for and different enough to the main character to keep things interesting. I had hoped to focus on a larger group of characters, but these two seem to be the main ones so far and others will weave their way through their stories, perhaps getting a chapter to themselves when they need it.

The flow of the book is something rather different than with Wildwood. As that is set over the space of about forty-eight hours and on a journey, I could pretty much flow from one area to the next. Wildfire takes place over a few months and is all set in a city, and those two changes have led to me starting chapters in some odd places. Action is something that I’m having to carefully measure out and spoon feed into the narrative so as not to overdo it in places and underdo it in others. Explanation is something a little more difficult. These people have lived here for years so giving information about the areas naturally has been more of a challenge.

The storyline is spread across months but split into specific days in those months. At the end of each day I’m going through and tightening each chapter up a bit, making it flow a bit better. It’s a mini editing run that leaves me each day feeling more like a progression of events rather than chapters that could be placed anywhere. The big editing runs will come at the end of the book, but this way I have a stronger basis for them.

Bit by bit I’m getting there, and the overall storyline throughout the books is being pulled tighter with each chapter.


3 thoughts on “Bit By Bit

    • The past couple of weeks I’ve been ill. Got a few lungfuls of that Saharan sand that was in our air before finding out it was around. As I’ve had compromised lungs since childhood, it affected me badly. I’ve been coughing up the desert and not really able to do anything. That’s why I haven’t been around.

      Well, that and not getting notified to posts. Your Seattle one just showed up for me yesterday and it was posted at the end of March apparently.

      • Hope you feel better now. This winter was not easy for me too. First time in more than ten years that I was having cold three times in four months 😦

        I noticed that about posts, not with your blog but with few others. And sometimes I don’t get notifications about replies on my comments, too…

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