Preaching To The Choir


This is my life… I sweat therefore I am.


16 thoughts on “Preaching To The Choir

  1. Try putting on a freshly ironed uniform, only to arrive at work looking like your uniform hasn’t been ironed in three weeks! 😦
    It doesn’t help much living in a place where the summer average is in the low thirties and the winter average is in the high twenties! 😛
    Seriously Mik, you would probably be in a heat induced coma the entire time if you ever visited this place! 😛

    • That’s why I used robot doubles to take over your country. There’s a bit of a problem with the AI being obsessed with showers, but it shouldn’t have drawn much attention.

  2. A side effect of some of the medication I’m on is hot flushes. Of course, women generally don’t believe a guy could possibly know what a hot flush is. But in the middle of winter, late at night, when it’s 2 degrees, when I suddenly – from out of fucking nowhere – feel like I’ve had kerosine poured on me and I start heating up and sweating so much I actually have to change out of winter gear into shorts and a t-shirt and put the fan on? That’s a hot flush. Which only lasts a few minutes, of course, leaving me drenched in sweat as the heat dissipates and the chill air starts to seep in and chill my bones again, meaning I suddenly have to don extra layers against the cold. Fun times. Fun times.

    And don’t ask about summer! 43 degrees, the fan blowing hot air, sweat literally dripping after running down my arms and pooling on the desk and under the keyboard while I’m trying to type something. I change my desktop wallpaper to a nice, frosty snow scene, but it does fuck all.

    There’s only about three weeks in any one year when the weather is actually nice. I’m not sure what those weeks are, and the days in those weeks aren’t consecutive. And the enjoyment of the temperature of those days is tempered by a slight feeling of dread and depression in the back of my mind for the climate of the days to come. But they’re there.

    You need climate control, Mik. Precisely set to a temperature you can deal with. And to never leave that particular climate controlled room again. Unless it’s on one of those rare days when the temperature is nice, of course. Then you get to go out and pay the electricity bill! 😉

    • I keep trying to make an intelligent reply to this comment but then I see 43 degrees again and it always ends up with the neighbours calling the police to get me off the roof and stop me trying on destroy the sun with my death ray.

  3. I don’t swat that much but I turn into a zombie in heat waves. We’ve had around 40 degrees for almost two weeks now. A regular draught in the region where I live. Any use of open fire temporarily prohibitted. Has not happened in thirty years. You can’t even toss a cigarette bud without starting a bush fire. And everybody is walking around as in a state of deep hypnosis, cars turn into mobile saunas, everything you accidently touch, walls, pavements, even the road, will cause scorching. I hate it. I stay indoors.

    • See, that’s the weird thing about when I sweat. Open fires and work I sweat regularly to. It’s just the sun that gets me, and I can’t stop sweating then.

      No one here is really with it either. Everyone’s sort of wrapped up in their own stuff, just ambling around.

    • The thing about living in the North as opposed to in the actual tropics is that we have more hours of sunlight than they have. In my region, at present time, the Sun will rise around half past five in the morning and not set until nine thirty in the evening.That’s a good fifteen hours of radiation demolition every day. In the tropics the sun sets around six, seven in the evening, and you can enjoy a couple of hours of fair and reasonable climate before you go to bed. And you can sleep without waking up in a moist wrap.

    • I’m beginning to long for Winter, which means fifteen hours of darkness, icy gales coming in from the North Sea, one window open and the entire house will feel like the Fortress of Solitude, snow drifts in the backyard the size of village churches, everything frozen solid, twigs and old leaves lying around turn into shredding spikes, the car won’t start, even the bicycle doesn’t work properly. Yes… *sigh* Don’t we miss it?

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