Transformers Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a quite recent marketing idea. You come up with a set of items and allow people to pay what they want for those items. It sounds open to abuse, and it is. People will always pay as little as they can unless the people they’re paying have built up the kind of rare loyalty that earns them a tip.

Where Humble Bundles genius shows is in its bonuses. If you pay the minimum amount then you’ll only get the very basic tier of items (which was coincidentally the only ones I didn’t own), but if you pay a premium price then there are premium items that will be added to your order, and that are still a bargain to buy at those prices. Then there’s the third tier of items that is available to anyone who pays more than the average price people are paying, making it a nice midway point between paying the minimum and shelling out the full amount.

At the moment there is a Humble Bundle available for ebooks of my beloved Transformers franchise. Pay the minimum (which ended up being less than a pound for me) and you get issues 1 through 50 of the original Marvel Comics Transformers series which ran for 80 issues (this is the US run and not the largely superior UK run). The average price nets you the 21 issue All Hail Megatron IDW jumping on point story, 5 issues of Transformers: Spotlight, the brilliant 12 issue Autocracy storyline and more currently unannounced comics (as the average price on Humble Bundles increase, so do the things that are included in them). Finally, the premium price point adds Volumes 1 and 2 of the two ongoing series More Than Meets The Eye and Robots In Disguise into the bargain.

If giant robots are your thing (and if not why not?) then you need toΒ head on over there right now.


20 thoughts on “Transformers Humble Bundle

  1. Or I would, if I didn’t already have a horrifyingly large Transformers collection! I have the original U.S and U.K. runs, and that series that Simon Furnan wrote for I.D.G. Paid a bit more, though…

    • I had a complete UK collection of the Marvel ones in great condition until an ex, who had made a copy of my key behind my back when we were together which explains why she’s an ex, decided that if I can live without her then I can live without everything else I hold dear. Crazy bitch destroyed half the things I owned, and pretty much everything good my money had gone on when I actually had some.

      I’ve recently been buying the IDW series in the hardcover collections, having missed out on them when they were first released.

    • Ow. If you are interested in Marvel’s Star Wars run, Dark Horse have reprinted the whole run over five volumes; but they lose the rights at the end of the year, and everything goes out of print. I only buy digitally these days. Easier to lug around, and cheaper.

    • It’s the same as anything really. Buy cheap and sell expensive. They take a gamble on enough people wanting to pay the premium price to boost their total money until they make enough money to be profitable. The average price makes that more likely as more people will commit to that the more that’s added, actually raising the average price as they do so. Very clever maths and game theory that makes no difference to sensible shoppers, but gets the other ninety percent of the world to throw money at them.

  2. I like the concept, though I’m not that enamoured with Transformers.
    Beside, I’m in the process of acquiring my own home and I foresee a distinct lack of discretionary funds in my immediate future! πŸ˜›

          • You do realise that I live in a town full of Hobbit sized Humans right? When I sit in my bathtub with my back pressed against one end and feet pressed against the other end, my knees are about thirty centimetres in the air! πŸ˜› I always thought I was average height until I moved here. Hell, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve bumped my head against low hanging signs, bus shelters and other things that are set just high enough to be above eye height but low enough to hit my friggen forehead. :irked:

          • Hahahaha, the same happened to me when I was young. Hit my head bad few times until I learnt to pay more attention.

            I never liked Smurfs πŸ˜›

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