Black Friday

Enjoy the sales, my nizzles!


29 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. While I’m at it… OPEC and ISIS need to be bombed back to the Stone Age. Ferguson, Mo., also.
    Take all the looters & ship ’em back to Africa if they feel so disenfranchised.

    • I don’t think many of them came from Africa.

      What you’ve got in those places are about five percent people with legitimate worries and problems, and ninety five percent people who just want an excuse to destroy things and steal from shops. It’s the same with most riots these days. I bet you most people would say the names of the people getting shot and sparking this stuff off were “five, finger and discount”.

      As for ISIS, even Al Qaeda are saying they go too far and encouraging Muslims to fight against them.

    • I had an argument (surprise, surprise) with someone on a forum once. He just wouldn’t accept that you’re not African American if you’re not in America. I don’t think he actually looked at the words he was typing.

    • If they come here and they can’t speak isiZulu, they’ll be labelled “Makwerakwera” rather than African. 😛
      And they would have to drop the “American half of the epithet anyway! 😀
      As for ISIS, they’re not Muslims!!

      • They’d say the same about people not as blatantly insane as they are, except they’d have guns to back up their statement. Pure evil, far as I’m concerned. At least with the other groups out on the extreme you can see them trying to keep to the teachings, but these guys? They’ll change the Koran to suit their needs and then use those changes to subjugate anyone in their way.

  2. The shops in Denmark are also trying to get the Black Friday thing going.

    I went to town Friday morning (well, around 10.30, but still morning, right?) and all I saw was a bunch of old dudes fighting over cheap stuff. Only old people have the time to go shopping mid-day. Everybody else have got jobs or schools to go to.

    Of course, I was only in the hard ware store to get me some boots, and the hard ware store is the place to go if you’re an old dude, it seems. And, to be quite frank, old dudes can be quite scary. They shout (probably because their hearing aids aren’t properly adjusted), and need help to read the descrption on stuff (probably because they forgot their glasses). And old dudes are quite good at blocking lanes, and slowing down the flow at the counter, and they will drive the poor sales asssitents mad, because they seem to know more about every product in the store than the twelve year old high school drop-outs selling them.

    I won’t even bother describing the chaos in the parking lot.

    Old Dude Friday.

    • I think I need to get in on that, especially the knowing more about products thing. The obligatory “What are you looking for in a phone?” in phone shops was always met with a list of features I knew they couldn’t provide. I laughed at the guy who tried to offer me an iPhone as it had one of the twelve features I’d just listed to him (the recent versions are only up to seven if I recall correctly).

    • Thing is, the older a dude gets, the more he knows, right?

      This particular hard ware store I am talking about is a place where the sales people are educated to give advice on this or that piece of power tool. Normally. But on a day like last Friday where they have discounts on chosen pieces they more or less hire people from the street because they know that there will be much more customers than usually, so it’s pretty much everybody and his little brother who’s there to just sell stuff. And they don’t know dizzle about anything. This means that regular customers, who comes to buy specific things, and sepcific things in a hard ware store are often quite expensive, and nobody – especially not old dudes – wants to buy the cat in the sack (can you say that in English?)

      And old dudes can work up a temper like noone else, because they don’t have the friggin’ time to stand around waiting for someone in charge to come around.

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