21st October 2015

The wife (who is totally just my current girlfriend with wrinkly make-up on) and I went on a little date today. Nothing massive, we just slipped into our multicoloured leotards and self drying jackets, pulled our self-lacing sneakers (thank you for finally getting onto that one, Nike) onto our feet, and went on a bit of a walk before having a Pepsi at the diner, then going on to see a movie.

The shark still looks fake.

We passed a couple of kids on their hoverboards as we walked the streets. They weren’t old enough to know the significance of the day. Too young to see how much of their everyday reality was predicted by a film that came out thirty long years ago. Tablet computers, fingerprint ID, flat screen televisions with multichannel viewing, compost fuels, video conferencing, wireless video games, holograms, and even frigging drones (plus a wonderful little rifle that interferes with their signals and effectively shoots them down).

Oh yeah, and we can’t forget the flying cars. Almost got clipped by one as we left the cinema. Some fancy futuristic looking thing, with gull wing doors. There’s always someone trying to look cooler and failing badly eh? This guy even had some weird tech in place that left flame trails behind his tyres. That can’t be safe. Bloody maniac.

It’s such a weird day. I look around today, the very day that the characters in such an iconic film arrived in their guesswork future, and I see so much of what they predicted has already come true. And the few things we haven’t got to yet? Well, I know an excellent film that’s well worth watching if you want that view of the future.


15 thoughts on “21st October 2015

  1. It is still October 20th today, another 6 or so hours till they come to this reality. It happened in the western hemisphere, anyway, eh? 😛

    • So you’re saying that we could have deviated from the original timeline in some weird way? Like all Subways serving pudding instead of sandwiches, or Hitlers Old Fashioned Homeware line of tupperware not being as popular as it is?

      • Think of it this way. Every particle in the Universe interacts with the particles around it. These particles interact with the next and so on. This interaction propagates at a rate limited to a maximum speed of C. (the ‘speed of light’)

        Now, pop up suddenly anywhere in space-time and you shuffled all the particle at the point in your arrival. The result down the line is that everything shifts fractionally from that moment on. Every baby conceived after that is different to the baby that would have being conceived before the timeline was interfered with.

        Thirty years later and three quarters of the population are completely different to the people who would have been here to invent all those cool gadgets.

    • Well, as explained in the embedded informative above, you don’t need to fool around with particles or what the Hell that South African science geek was talking about (also above). All we need to do to change the future is to keep doing what we already are doing or do something else or do nothing at all. No matter what we choose to do or not do (or undo) it will have an effect on the future, like burning fossil fuels (we also knew that in ’89), polluting the oceans (we also knew that in ’89), cutting down the rain forest (we totally knew that in ’89), feeding our children with genitically manipulated food (we also… no, hang on… we didn’t really know that in ’89, nobody actually thought about that one, not even writers of science fiction). What ever we do, it will form the future, because the one thing we do know about the future is that is has not happened yet.

    • Weird thought isn’t it. I think both dates for Judgement Day (anything after Terminator 2 cannot be counted as canon, or a movie) passed as well.

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