Happy Halloween 2015

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2015

  1. The thing about scheduling posts a year or so before they’re due? You forget what you put up…

    In fact, I don’t actually remember putting this up at all.

        • You know, I never did discover what the remaining one tenth is…

          Although based on the charges of my charges the majority of crime is related to that remaining one tenth! 😛 🙏

          • Intent.

            Whatever you do, what you mean to do counts a little. So, you may have meant to help the old lady up who just fell over, but you ended up grabbing her purse and running. That doesn’t mean you didn’t intend to help her, only that your natural asshole tendencies took over.

            And, the best thing is, the remaining nine tenths of the law take over once the purse is in your hands.


            There’s a small chance I’m a monster…

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