The World Of Cinders

I haven’t been writing much the past few months. That’s pretty much evident from the few posts on here in that time, but I also mean writing in general. My books have fallen by the wayside, and not through lack of trying either.

I live in a block of flats that is part of a community of several different blocks. Not everyone gets on but it wouldn’t be that pesky real life if they did. However, the past few months have been a nightmare for pretty much everyone around these parts. And it’s all thanks to the machinations of one twenty two year old girl. This girl has been horrible ever since she moved in, starting fights and screaming matches in the car park, getting drunk and walking out into the street in her underwear (usually to demand sex from the poor drivers of the cars that go along our street), having all sorts of sad old men over to fund her drink and drugs with the blatant promise of sex for what they buy her. And around three months ago there were finally enough complaints from all the neighbours to get her kicked out. Which is when the trouble really began.

You see, the process for eviction is long and complicated in this country. So many rights have been afforded the tenant that it takes a lot of time, money, and effort for a landlord to evict someone. And that means that this girl, knowing she had nothing to lose but months to stay in her flat, decided to really take it out on the other tenants. For three straight months she has been blasting the radio (not even a CD, but fucking Radio 1) morning, noon, and night. She’s been screaming racial abuse out of the window at the students who pass by. She’s had her friends and customers (the aforementioned old men) riding the car park barriers while off their heads on drugs, until they broke. It’s been ridiculous to see someone that age acting in that manner, and it’s been embarrassing to be associated with by those passing our home. But, mostly, it’s been loud.

Every time in the past few months that I’ve sat down to do some writing or editing, she’s been kicking off one way or another. Even closing all the windows and going to the other side of the flat (bearing in mind that the flats are arranged so that she is already the opposite side of the car park to me) I could still hear her radio turned up to such a volume that it was louder than my television. And there are those who would simply answer “Turn the TV up then.” but that only makes me as much a part of the problem for someone else who is likely already suffering thanks to her.

I haven’t been able to concentrate. The few edits I’ve managed have been done in fits and starts, mainly when the girl’s boyfriend has had an argument with her and taken his music system back. And yet the fake pregnancy she continued to boast about kept bringing him and his bloody speakers back!!!


Hmmm, it seems I needed to vent a little. At the end of October, two days before Halloween, this girl was finally removed from the flats for good. She’s gone and it has been so quiet since then. In the few days between now and then, I’ve managed to get more editing done than in the months leading up to her eviction. Even before she started kicking off she was distracting me from writing, so I’ll be going over my second draft and double checking everything before I sign off on it. Looks like this one will be getting a third draft before it sits beside it’s predecessor. Still, with a little luck things will stay quiet and this edit should take only a month or so to quickly go through.

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken down my previous World of Cinders page and have amalgamated it with this one. As I was writing less, both pages stayed empty more than they normally would have done, and it helped highlight how little sense it made to spread myself over two different sites.

So, that’s me. I’m back, I’m together, and I can fucking hear again. How are you?


18 thoughts on “The World Of Cinders

  1. “At the end of October, two days before Halloween, this girl was finally removed from the flats for good.”

    Sounds like there was an exorcism! Glad you can both get some peace and quiet now. The constant noise can’t have been doing either of you any good.

  2. Hey guys. Yeah, it’s been weighing on us, and during a time when we’ve already got a lot weighing on us anyway. One thing off the plate may not be the whole thing but it does make a world of difference.

  3. Only a few years back we lived in a building next to a bypass road with 120 vehicles passing by every minute, and most of them heavy trucks. Even in the middle of the night this stream would go on, like some weird conveyor band in a surrealistic 80s music video. It was actually the primary reason for us to move. At some point tour landlord put op new windows in all flats facing this road, and it took the peak off the noise, but even so, it was nerve-wringing. It’s become even worse now, where the upper echelon of the city has decided to get rid of heavy trafick within city borders. And they’re even planning on letting a metro pass by in the same area. Good thing we moved.

    So, basically, I can relate.

    • I had a month of that once. I was brought in to open a club in Birmingham and the hotel I picked was right on the outskirts of the city but just off the motorway access. Nonstop traffic and beeping all times of the day and night. It was nightmarish.

      And, just like this situation, even those times when it was a little less and you could get on with what you wanted to do, you knew it could start up or get worse at any moment so you can’t get into anything.

      I ended up sleeping in that club for the last two weeks I was there. I’d get up, scrape the glitter off me and have a shower, grab breakfast with the day staff, help the manager get to grips with the paperwork and needed orders, work with the day staff taking the dray and cleaning, work the nights we were open, then curl up on a bench in the dancers changing room and dream of the bed that waited for me at home.

      Still better than trying to sleep through traffic.

      • I’ve had periods in my life where I slept rough, and I prefer that from being forced to sleep next to heavy traffic. In most cities you can find a quiet place to crash for a couple of hours, even indoors. I usually went down the docks and climbed through a window of an empty storage house. Most of them don’t have guards though they have al sorts of signs, and the cameras are very rarely on, and if you don’t leave a mess they’ll never find out. Only sounds there is the distant noises of working machinery which can be quite soothing.

  4. FURIE!! How the heck are you!! Sounds like you got a raw deal with that awful neighbor! Glad she’s gone so you can get back to what you do best. BTW, you’re the first of the old crew I’ve found since the My.Opera community was shuttered! Glad to see you!

    • Hey there, long time no chat. How you been getting on since the Blogpocalypse?

      First thing you should know is that my hands remained blood free through all of that. Both the Blogpocalypse and the neighbour who needs to be set on fire, if only to kill the bacteria.

      The second thing is that if you have a look in the comments and you’ll see a lot of the old faces. Click on them to check out their pages and get back in touch. They’ll be glad to see an old timer.

  5. Hearing your plight makes me appreciate the birds singing in the trees out side my window…
    Sure, some neighbours make a little noise from time to time, mostly on weekends, but generally it’s quiet enough to hear the birds.

    • I have an ongoing feud with one of the birds outside my window. It keeps landing and letting out this call that, without the benefit of audio, goes something like this.


      Now, I can take the Who-who-who, because birds need to talk to each other. But the De-de-de part is just extraneous. It’s just showing off when it gets to that part. Yeah, we get it. You have a fucking voice. Now shut up you piece of…

      I sit in front of the window and eat hot wings whenever I hear it, and I maintain eye contact until it flies away. It needs to know who’s boss.

          • Yeah, I think crows and mynahs are in the same category. Except that mynahs are a little more cheeky and love to dive-bomb anyone who gets within three metres of their nests. 😛 When I lived up in Jo’burg there was a lot of gulls there. Now I live 10Km from the ocean and I haven’t seen a gull in years!

  6. What David said!!! 😀

    I am heavily jet lagged due to my recent trip to Japan, any noise my neighbours might make won’t affect me unless it is in a wrong time of night when I can’t sleep anyway…

    I hated Thursday night parties the neighbour above used to make – I work on Friday and I really hope she will experience the same once she finds a job (a female student lived there). She is gone now and new tenants are nice and quiet most of the time.

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes folks. Had an excellent one this year. Many Transformers were transformed. Much whiskey was drank. All the fried chicken was eaten…

  8. Damn it really has been awhile since I’ve been here. Been so caught up in my own crapstorm haven’t made time for friends.
    How do you not just beat up people over there huh? Oh wait..that’s the savage in me speaking. 😑

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