Well Played, Comics

Woke up this morning, brewed some coffee, then drank it while reading my morning comics. Like this one:


Ha, that’s kinda funny. Sort of. Not really in the normal levels they manage though, but everyone is always trying to trick everybody else during April Fool’s Day, so perhaps they’re doing a sort of ironic anti-humour? That’s what I was thinking until I saw this:


Oh, I see. So a couple of comics are running the same gag as an April Fool of their own? Yeah, that’s funny, I suppose? But where does it come from? Could it be this comic that the page owner apparently drew in the ’90s for a school project?


Nope, and it doesn’t end here either. It’s not a couple of comics. It’s approximately ALL THE COMICS!!!








I read these and a thought comes to mind. Five simple words; the only five that make sense to me after ploughing through these and many more examples of the same joke.

Maybe… I am the fool?


3 thoughts on “Well Played, Comics

  1. In a world where many things are just a copies of something made or performed before, what to expect from newspaper comics artists. The ideas are all spent, nothing new comes to mind. The end of humanity is close…..

  2. Bwahahhaha!!!
    My take on this is that it’s a commentary on the tendency in ‘Social Media’ for everyone to just click ‘share’ rather than post their own, original, work. 😛

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