Where The Wilder Things Go

So I just heard that Gene Wilder died. And it feels like a little of the laughter of my youth died with him. Seems like a lot of that is happening this past couple of years. Perhaps I’ve just hit that age.

I remember so many of his films, from his absolutely brilliant pairing with Richard Pryor to his still definitive Willy Wonka, but it was the work he did with Mel Brooks that sits closest to my heart.

image by Zachary Bellissimo

Young Frankenstein was released three years before I was born and it captured the classic horrors it was satirising so well that it did actually scare me as a young child. It’s sitting proudly on my DVD shelf right now as one of those films you have to hold on to. 


6 thoughts on “Where The Wilder Things Go

  1. Very true … I have a collection of films that must not be allowed to vanish … “Blazing Saddles” is one, and “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” is another … Mostly I hang on to the films of Jacques Tati, although for sheer slapstick, it’s hard to beat “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

  2. Yes, there has been a lot of Greats that have passed in recent years. I recall Stir Crazy, Woman in Red, Hanky Panky…
    I’ve probably seen a lot more that I just don’t recollect.

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