“God help America”

– Everyone


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  1. Kind of expected result but a shock to some extent anyway. Democrats are responsible for losing it more than he really did much good for winning. If there was Bernie Sanders – or anyone else, for that matter, they would win with almost no effort. Anyway, we can be sure that Democrats will never choose such a shitty candidate in near future 😛

    • Tell me about it. He didn’t win, she lost as so many people didn’t turn out to vote. And yet, she still won the popular vote.

      I don’t understand why this country insists on a system where one person’s vote is worth less than another’s. And that’s what the electoral college system amounts to. If you win one state with 51,000 votes for ten points while your opponent wins another state with the exact same amount of votes for nineteen points, then the people voting for your opponent are worth twice those voting for you. It’s a system where some states are bound to be ignored by candidates as they try to win the more important ones, rather than having every vote matter equally.

      To me, that’s indicative of a lot of the problems in the states. Their very system of government means that one person is worth more than another when voting for a candidate.

      • I needed some time to understand how it all works in USA. Felt too complicated. And also, having a two major parties and independent candidates ignored by mainstream media is never really a choice. As we say in Serbia, they all blow in the same trumpet 😛

  2. In the organization I represent we have decided to go oldschool in the future. Nothing but umbrellas with poisoned tips and razor rimmed bowler hats and stuff like that. All this cyber shit is so yesterday.

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