What Is The World Of Cinders

The World of Cinders project started out as a conversation about how video game creatures tend to have no rhyme or reason behind their myriad forms. Creatures are just taken from different mythologies and thrown together in a world with barely any thought on how their existence would affect the people in that world or the entire ecosystem around them. The conversation moved onto other subjects such as video game creatures all either being hostile or giving no risk/reward benefits to fighting the tougher but peaceful ones. From that conversation was born an idea about ways to tie these things together with a central mythology that affects the whole world.

I set out to explain my basic idea by writing a short fantasy story, about six pages long, detailing a meeting between two of these creatures and how it affected the human who witnessed it. Page by page I hammered away on my phone, using Evernote to get the story together and note any other related ideas down. That six page story left so many questions that I set out to find answers for and, when I finally got around to a word count, I found I had thirty thousand words already and was only halfway through the story at best. I realised there might be a bit more to this idea than I’d thought and I sat myself down and sketched out the story as it seemed to me, spreading the telling of it across three main books (each with their own related storyline) which were briefly outlined up front.

From there it’s been as if a floodgate has opened. This world makes so much sense to me that ideas for so many stories have come, and been noted down in their own notebooks. I never saw myself as a writer so this has been a learning experience for me as I write up these tales. I’ve learned restraint as I’ve gone along and faced my fear of the things I’m not so good at. I’ve faced having to completely rewrite my pretty awful and rambling first draft, and learned how to outline a book but not feel obliged to stick strictly to the outline. And, I’ve had fun as I slowly became a writer. The posts on this page are an irregular diary of sorts showing off these things, as well as giving occasional insight into the world I’ve been creating. You’ll see highs and lows, and maybe even the occasional deleted scenes that I can’t bear to part with completely. There might even be exclusive stories if I get around to it.

So, what is the World of Cinders? It’s my hobby and, one day, I hope to share it with the world.