MWC – All About The OS

If you’ve read this post then you’ll know that I got an invitation to an event around the MWC in Barcelona. It depressed me because there’s no way I can make it, especially this year. It depressed me even more when I got a further three invites from different news services and phone companies that assumed I’d be there. Such is life eh? I can console myself with the fact that Nokia aren’t going to be at the main conference anyway (instead showing an unneeded 12 megapixel camera phone off at their own event), and that LG have dropped out amidst fears that their competitors will photograph their new design and rip it off before release. Yeah, just cause I’m not there doesn’t mean I don’t get the gossip mailed to me as it happens.

The announcement of Samsung’s Wave handset, the first to run it’s proprietary Bada smartphone operating system, is a glorious combination of powerful hardware, new ideas (well, new in phones but requested here months ago, and you know they read my page), and bad marketing. Basically they talk a good game but the operating system and phone don’t look all that different from any other touchscreen phone out there. As this is supposed to be a flagship handset that’s bad news. As for the features they highlight, only the “Ultimate Inbox” (which combines messages from SMS, e-mail and social networks) and the online push-capable calendar seem to bring anything new to their phones. Still, Samsung have an Android projector phone up their sleeves that’ll be bought by a total of three people so it’s not all bad news for them…

Other news includes the announcement of phones using Windows Mobile 7, one of the worst kept secrets in the mobile world. RIM apparently has some big software news which is rumoured to be a new operating system of their own. Sony Ericsson has released details of their X10 Mini, another worst kept secret. This Android phone is tiny, but we all know good things don’t necessarily come in small packages. I’ll be looking at that in detail sometime soon. End of the day it looks like a boring year at MWC. Part of me wonders if that’s wishful thinking though.

MeeGo is a combination Linux OS from Nokia and Intel, that combines Maemo and Moblin into a QT application running powerhouse. This news has got to be worrying N900 owners who were promised Maemo 6 on their phones and must be wondering if that will even show up now. Yeah, this Mobile World Congress is all about the OS.


16 thoughts on “MWC – All About The OS

  1. Ubuntu Mobile does use some Moblin elements, but it's still the Ubuntu Gnome UI. :up:.So I gather that Meamo uses a Linux kernal then. :yes:.So, Mik. I'll be shopping for a new phone later this year. Any good recommendations on the Meamo platform yet. :).

  2. Could you imagine someone who's just woken up from a 20 year coma reading this page? "Meamo", "Ubuntu", "Moblin", MeeGo", "The MWC", "Bada", ""Android projector" … 😆

  3. So Mik, is the n900 worth all the hoopla or should I be looking elsewhere? :left:.It should launch here in about two months! although they may try branding it!!! :awww:. On the other hand!, Linux is far easier to jailbreak set free so. :whistle:.Anyway, offtopic, so should I aim for this? :nervous:.

  4. Nokia aren't allowing the N900 to be branded anywhere. It depends on what you'd use it for whether it's worth it or not. She's certainly a powerful machine, but most of that power is dependant on who programs what applications for it. Otherwise it's a pretty standard smartphone.

  5. I'm thinking about doing some developing of my own. :left:.It seems that this phone will open oppotunities that are simply not possible on other machines. developers can use either the default Gtk Gnome display options or the more advanced Qt display options. :up:.

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